Town Budgets, Audits, Salary Reports and Labor Contracts


Through the Town's annual budget process, the Town Council makes decisions on the level and types of services provided to residents with local, State and federal funds.

Adoption of a budget determines in many respects the level of resources to be available for Town services over the coming budget year. The budget process is one of the most important functions and responsibilities of the Council, and it is also a key opportunity for residents’ participation in Town government.

Town Budget Information

2019 Tentative Ad Valorem Budget

2019 Tentative Benefit Basis Budget

2018 Adopted Town Budget

2017 Adopted Town Budget

2016 Adopted Town Budget

2015 Adopted Town Budget

2014 Adopted Town Budget

2013 Adopted Town Budget

2012 Adopted Town Budget

2011 Adopted Town Budget

2010 Adopted Town Budget

2009 Tentative Town Budget


2017 Independent Auditor's Report

2016 Independent Auditor's Report

NYS Comptroller Audit

2015 Independent Auditor's Report

2014 Independent Auditor's Report

Employee Salary Report

2017 Town Employee Salary Report

2016 Town Employee Salary Report

2015 Town Employee Salary Report

2014 Town Employee Salary Report

2013 Town Employee Salary Report

2010 Town Employee Salary Report

2009 Town Employee Salary Report

2008 Town Employee Salary Report

Labor Contracts

PBA Contract, Part 1
PBA Contract, Part 2
CSEA Blue Collar Contract
CSEA White Collar Contract