Swimming Pool Requirements


  • A building permit is required for any pool. the exception is a portable pool with less than 24" of water
  • A fence is required for in-ground pools that must meet the requirements of appendix "G" of the residential building code; specs for fence are required at the time of application; 48" min. barrier required from grade to top of fencing; if yard is not level, ask for further information
  • Pools/decks are not allowed to be constructed on easement
  • For above ground pools, a ladder must be removable or lockable to prevent access
  • The pool deck is included in the building permit, drawings and details are required at the time of submittal
  • Pool alarms are required per appendix "G" section 107 on all pools
  • Electrical permit is required for all pools
  • Electrical work must meet the requirements of the latest edition of the National Electric Code (NEC) and be inspected by the Town of West Seneca Electrical Inspector
  • Drainage inspection required after pool installation; left over soil must be removed as not to affect drainage; if drainage is altered, based upon inspections, you will be required to remove and restore grade

Swimming pools must drain to storm sewer or ditch. Temporary connections to the storm sewers are permitted, but must be removed when completed.
Permit Fee:
Cost of construction determines the permit fee.
First $1000 of construction cost =
Each $1000 additional = $8
Electrical Fee:
Above ground pool = $85
In ground pool = $100