Adult Softball

West Seneca Youth & Recreation Wood Bat Leagues

Monday Night
Wednesday Night:
Mens Figure 8 Modified
Friday Night:
Mens Slow Pitch
2018 Registration is now closed. No further registrations will be accepted.

2018 Important Dates:

March 510:00 AMRegistration Begins
March 164:00 PMRegistration Ends, League Fees are Due, Page 2 of Packet is Due
March 1910:00 AMLate Registration Begins (If spots are available)
Late Fee(s) in effect
March 2310:00 AMLate Registration Ends
March 2310:00 AMNo further registrations will be accepted after this date for the 2018 season.
March 305:00 PMTeams will be notified if leagues are running, based on number of teams registered per each league. There must be a minimum number of four (4) teams per league, for the league to run. There is a maximum number of ten (10) teams per league allowed to register.
April 610:00 AMInsurance, Non-Resident Fee(s), Pages 4 and 5 are due.

Fees Per League:

LeagueBase FeeFee For Each Non-Resident
Monday Co-Ed$240$15
Wednesday Mod. Figure 8 (Mens)$240$15
Friday Slow Pitch (Mens)$240$15

Residents must attach a copy of their valid Resident ID Card (valid until September 1 of the current year) to their team roster. In the event a player does not have a valid Resident ID Card they will be considered a Non-Resident and are subject to the above listed Non-Resident fee.

All fees are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-creditable unless West Seneca Youth & Recreation cancels the entire length of the program.

Teams are also responsible for paying the Umpire Fee at each game, directly to the Umpire. These fees are set by WNY Umpire Associate. West Seneca Youth & Recreation has no control of these fees.

All teams are given enough softballs to play their home games. Additional softballs cam be purchased for $5.00. While supplies last.

Additional fees are outlined in the West Seneca Youth & Recreation Adult Softball Handbook.


Teams are required to carry their own insurance. The Town of West Seneca 1250 Union Road, West Seneca, NY 14224 must be listed as an additional insured. A Certificate of Insurance (COI) listing the name must be submitted to the Recreation Office no later than the date listed above (Important Dates). Teams who do not submit proper insurance will not be permitted to play. A refund of fees will not be issued.

You can obtain Insurance Certificates online using the ASA’s system

Example COI (PDF)

How To Register A Team (PDF)

Enrollment Assistance, Questions, Etc.... : or (518)383-0352

ASA is one of many companies who can provide insurance.


2018 Captains Letter
2018 Adult Softball Registration Packet- Registration is now closed for 2018.
2018 Adult Softball Rules, Regulations and Policies

Leagues Schedules & Standings

2018 League Schedules (edit 6/18)

2018 Monday Night Adult Softball Standings
2018 Wednesday Night Adult Softball Standings
2018 Friday Night Adult Softball Standings

The number of games per each league varies depending on the number of teams registered. The amount of games will vary league to league. Each team is guaranteed at least 5 games regular season games. The top 4 teams will enter the playoffs.

Please be advised all scores are based on scorecards we have received.


All regular game scorecards must be turned in or postmarked to West Seneca Youth & Recreation within three (3) business days or they are ineligible.

Playoff game scorecards are due within 24 hours.

Failure to turn in your scorecards within the correct amount of time will automatically change your game score from a “win” to a “lose” in both regular and playoff games.

Verbal scores are not accepted.

To receive a playoff game ball you must present your score card to the Recreation Office after the last game. Playoffs balls must be picked up, in person during regular business hours.

Scorecards can be submitted to the Recreation Office:

  1. In Person: Please deliver your scorecards to our office during regular business hours. Please be advised we are anticipated to move to 1300 Union Road this summer.
  2. Via Mail: Scorecards can be mailed to 1250 Union Road West Seneca, NY 14224. West Seneca Youth & Recreation will not cover the cost of postage
  3. Via Email: A picture of both sides of the scorecard can be emailed to and Should you choose to email the scorecard it must be signed by (a) the umpire and (b) both team captains. If you do not receive confirmation via email within one (1) business day, please re-send the scorecard.
  4. Below: You can choose to upload your scorecard below. You must upload both sides of the scorecard and complete all fields of the form.

Updates By Date:

1/18/2018 - Program Town Board Approved for 2018.

1/19/2018 - 2018 Adult Softball Information Released. This includes fees, registration documents, due dates, rules, etc.

3/23/2018 - Registration is now closed for the 2018 season. All leagues will run. No further registration will take place.

3/29/2018 - Draft league schedules uploaded to the website.

4/10/2018 - Updated team names on schedules.

5/14/2018 - Game location change for games on 5/14 and 5/16 originally scheduled on Knox #1 will be relocated to Dorrance. Games on Knox #2 will remain on Knox #2. Captains check your emails for more details. Website schedule updated.

5/15/2018 - Game location change for all nights, for all leagues. Knox #1 has been removed from the schedule for almost all nights. Please see updated league schedule. Captains check your emails for more details. Website schedule updated.

6/18/2018 - Scheduled updated to reflect Wednesday 6/13/2018 rainout.