January 28, 2015 Zoning Board Agenda

West Seneca Zoning Board of Appeals


Meeting #2015-01                                                                                     January 28, 2015

I.                   CALL TO ORDER



IV.              APPROVAL OF MINUTES #2014-11

V.                 OLD BUSINESS

2010-063           Request of John Cordova for a renewal of a variance for property located at 270 Center Road (Rusty Buffalo) to allow live music.

2014-045           Request of Dale H. Kling for a variance for property located at 4760 Clinton Street to erect a garage 1’ from front lot line (erect accessory structure without principal building; 40’ front setback required)

VI.              NEW BUSINESS

2015-001           Request of David Schwalenberg for a variance for property located at 3069 Clinton Street to erect a taller garage than permitted (12’ to middle of roof for accessory structures allowed, 16’-8” requested)

2015-002           Request of Jill Kowalczewski for an interpretation of whether or not   there is a business in operation at the property located at 10 Robin Court (120-13 Permitted uses in R-65 Single family home)

2015-003           Request of Jordan Kamholz for a variance for property located at 5641 Seneca Street to demo old garage and build a new one which will be taller and closer than the old one with partial paved lot. (max building height 12’, +/- 21’ requested; sideyard setback shall be building height, 5’-0” requested; non paved lot partial)

2015-004           Request of James Lauricella for a variance for property located at 30 Marilyn Drive to erect a covered porch to extend into front yard setback (30’ setback required, 23’ setback requested)

2015-005           Request of Gene Staychock for a variance for property located at 789 Center Road (Schwabl’s) to use electric specialty sign (temporary). (closer than 1,000’ to residential zoning and 500’ from residential property.)