Town Board Work Session

WEST SENECA TOWN OFFICES                                                   TOWN BOARD PROCEEDINGS
1250 Union Road                                                                            Work Session
West Seneca, NY 14224                                                               February 27, 2012
Supervisor Meegan called the work session to order at 5:00 P.M. followed by the Pledge to the Flag led by Councilman John Rusinski.
ROLL CALL:           Present    -    Sheila M. Meegan      Supervisor
                                                Eugene P. Hart         Councilman
                                                John F. Rusinski        Councilman
                                                Jacqueline Felser       Town Clerk
                                                Kandace Wittmeyer   Assessor
                                                Edward Gehen          Chief of Police
                                                Matthew English        Highway Supt.
                                                Laura Landers          Finance Department
                                                Shawn Martin           Town Attorney
                                                Richard Henry           Town Engineer
                                                Steven Tanner                   Town Engineer
                                                Wayne Drescher       Auditor
                                                Mary Josefiak           Senior Citizens Recreation, Youth Director
                                                Dale McCabe            Town Justice
                                                Jeffrey Harrington     Town Justice
Supervisor Meegan read the Fire Prevention Code instructing the public where to exit in case of a fire or an emergency.
Assessor Kandace Wittmeyer
o       Changed workdays – Thursdays & Fridays and alternate Mondays (subject to change with meetings, etc.)
o       New Microsoft office software purchased
o       Reinstated practice of inputting building permits so it is a permanent part of parcel
o       Would like to institute standard operating procedures so everything is done consistently
o       Goal to review and update commercial properties this year
o       Supervisor Meegan looking into funding through Senator Schumer’s office for shared Assessor services
Highway Supt. Matthew English
o       Discussed signs for the town
o       Working on paving projects for summer with Town Engineer
o       Going to Albany to meet with Erie County Highway Supts. Organization & State Senators for CHIPS money
WEST SENECA TOWN OFFICES                                      TOWN BOARD PROCEEDINGS
1250 Union Road                                                           Work Session
West Seneca, NY 14224                                                          February 27, 2012
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Finance Department, Laura Landers
o       Going to Pittsford to review paperless voucher system
o       Final reports for 2011 to be sent out tomorrow along with budget transfer request form
Town Engineer Richard Henry
o       Presented a visual of the sanitary & storm sewers and laterals
o       Public information meeting March 20th at 7 P.M. at Senior Citizens Center to discuss Dover/Greenmeadow Reconstruction Project
o       Seneca Creek Pathway Project – Railroad right-of-way piece will not be part of it because it is sold. County & State funded – zero cost to town. Councilman Hart suggested extending it to Winchester area.
o       Phase II & III of consent order work – Presented map outlining areas to be addressed. Property owners will be notified and anticipated start is beginning of April or sooner.
o       Presented map indicating eligible voters on sewer referendum and discussed process leading to referendum and cost over a 30 year period for a typical resident.
o       Discussed “Reconnect” program and HUD funding for low income property owners for lateral repair.
o       Presented map indicating water districts and mains that need to be replaced before turning over to Erie County Water Authority.
o       Veterans Memorial Park Project – Removed youth center and plan to fix Kiwanis Building. Total project cost is $5.5 million. Discussed financing and bonding for project. Councilman Rusinski presented his prioritized plan to accomplish the project without bonding.
o       Completed survey of Firemen’s Park and additional diamonds, but need to procure additional land from the state. Town Board members asked Mr. Henry to proceed.
Auditor Wayne Drescher
o       Historically low borrowing rates – 1 or lower percentage rate. Discussed need to move forward with capital plan and prioritize projects.
Councilman Eugene Hart
o       Suggested local initiative grant with Cheektowaga for transfer station.
The work session concluded at 6:15 P.M.

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