East & West Road/Angle Road project update

Major construction work on Angle road for the water main installation is complete. Testing and Disinfection of the new main is complete and water services have been switched over to the new main. The asphalt restoration work has been completed, except where a branch mains need to be reconnected. This work is scheduled to be complete in the next week to 2 weeks on Angle road. As a separate project, around August 15th, the Town Highway crew will be milling and resurfacing Angle road.

Water main installation is complete along East and West Road, however final connections to the existing main still have to be completed. They will not be completed until the new main can be tested and disinfected. Given the Softball tournament occurring, we have asked the contractor to not complete any work the week of July 18th. The water main testing and disinfection will occur early the week of July 25th. It takes several days for this testing to be reviewed and approved by the Erie County Water Authority and the Erie County Department of Health. Once we have their approval, the contractor will work on switching water services over from the old main to the newly installed main. We anticipate that the transfer of services would be complete by around August 10th. After that final restoration along East and West Road will occur and the project should be complete the week of August 22nd. Note that East and west road will be an asphalt patch over the length of the water main and any services as Erie County Highways is planning a project to fully reconstruct East and West road starting in 2017.

Note that given the drought conditions, that compaction of the soils during restoration is difficult to achieve. It is anticipated that some of the lawn areas that were disturbed by this project will need some touch up work in mid-September due to settlement and the Town will keep an eye on this and coordinate come back work with the contractor.

Separately, there will be some minor disturbances on East and West Road at Rosewood (separate contractor and contract) as the Town continues the reconstruction of the Rosewood/Azalea/Reynolds/Brianwood subdivision and connects to water and storm sewer mains along East and West Road.

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