2009 Special Districts & Preliminary Budget Meeting
November 20, 2008

1250 Union Road 2009 Special Districts & Preliminary
West Seneca, NY 14224 November 20, 2008

Supervisor Wallace C. Piotrowski called the meeting to order at 5:00 P.M. with 30 seconds of silent prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

ROLL CALL:   Present -

Wallace C. Piotrowski   Supervisor
Vincent J. Graber Jr.   Councilman
Christina Wleklinski Bove.   Councilwoman
Sheila M. Meegan   Councilwoman
Dale F. Clarke   Councilman

Absent -   None

Supervisor Piotrowski read the Fire Prevention Code instructing the public where to exit in case of a fire or an emergency.


Motion by Councilwoman Bove, seconded by Councilman Clarke, to adopt the 2009 Benefit Basis Budget as proposed.

Ayes: All Noes: None Motion Carried


Motion by Councilwoman Bove, seconded by Councilman Graber, to amend the 2009 Preliminary Budget as follows:

                                                      Account Number       2009 Final Budget
Town Board   
Continuing Education & Training 1.1010.0414     +     $  4,000.00

Town Justice
Salary of Justices (2) 1.1110.0100     +      $  2,409.00
Mandated Training 1.1110.0414     +      $  4,000.00

Tax Collection
Equipment 1.1330.0200     -     $  3,000.00
Other Expenses – County Charges        1.1330.0419     -     $  5,650.00

Budget Director 1.1340.0100     -     $  5,075.00

Town Attorney
Salary of Town Attorney 1.1420.0100     +     $  5,000.00
Salary of Deputy Town Attorney 1.1420.0101     +     $ 10,000.00
Salary of Prosecutors (2) 1.1420.0139     +     $ 10,000.00
Travel & Conferences 1.1420.0435     +     $  3,000.00

Town Engineer
Seasonal & Temporary Help 1.1440.0149     +     $  2,500.00

Central Printing & Mailing
PT Clerical Pool 1.1670.0139     +    $ 10,000.00

Special Items
Contingent Account 1.1990.0480     +     $ 78,000.00

Salary of Crossing Guards 1.3120.0159     +     $ 13,373.00

1250 Union Road 2009 Special Districts & Preliminary
West Seneca, NY 14224 Budget – November 20, 2008
Page two . . .

Dog Control             
Salary – Animal Control 1.3510.0101     +     $ 24,000.00
Gasoline 1.3510.0416     +     $ 18,000.00
Equipment Repair & Maintenance 1.3510.0443     +     $   4,500.00
Dog Food 1.3510.0470     +     $   1,000.00
Other Expenses 1.3510.0413     -      $ 50,000.00

Youth Bureau
Salary of Youth Program Directors  (2)        1.7311.0102     +     $ 34,000.00
Salary of PT Clerk 1.7311.0137     +     $  8,000.00
Postage 1.7311.0411     +     $   4,000.00
Membership Dues 1.7311.0412     +     $   1,200.00
Mileage Reimbursement 1.7311.0413     +     $   1,500.00
Telephone 1.7311.0420     +     $   4,000.00
Water 1.7311.0423     -     $      200.00
Project YES 1.7311.0433     -     $ 17,000.00
Travel 1.7311.0435     +     $  1,500.00
Equipment Rental 1.7311.0440     -     $   2,000.00
Computer Maintenance 1.7311.0460     -     $   1,500.00
School Intervention Service Program 1.7311.0472     -     $ 15,000.00
Asst YES (WNYAC) 1.7311.0484     +     $   2,500.00
Zoning Board Secretary 1.8010.0139     -     $   3,870.00
Planning Board Secretary1.8020.0139     +     $   3,870.00

Senior Fitness Program 1.2068     +     $ 15,000.00
Fines & Forfeited Bail 1.2610     +     $ 150,000.00
Fitness Consultant 1.7620.0416     +     $  22,000.00

On the question, Councilwoman Bove stated that the 2009 tentative budget as submitted by Supervisor Piotrowski deleted equipment maintenance and repair costs throughout town departments and facilities. She did not believe this was responsible because it could result in additional long term costs to replace equipment that was not properly maintained or could lead to unnecessary costs in services. The new budget set aside $178,000 in a contingent account to cover maintenance expenses if Supervisor Piotrowski’s budget and maintenance assumptions were wrong. The new budget also maintained a zero percent tax increase, but still provided for a number of items that were not part of the proposed budget. Councilwoman Bove commented that one of the best ways to improve services and efficiency and decrease costs was to provide training for employees and money for training was now provided. The new budget reflected an additional $150,000 in revenue from the Justice Court, so Judge’s salaries were increased 3.25 percent, the same as the police force, because their work load had increased and they were working harder. Councilwoman Bove stated that the Budget Director stipend of $5575 was reduced to $500 because she felt that job was already part of the duties of the Supervisor. Salaries were split into separate lines to provide for transparency and openness and a column was included for the 2008 budget to make it easier to see what change had taken place from one year to the next. Councilwoman Bove stated that the amended budget also used additional court revenue to pay for increases in attorneys’ salaries, because not increasing salaries will result in additional costs for outside counsel. She thought this was the responsible thing to do and noted that this money comes directly from the increased court revenue and not the taxpayer. The amended budget also added funds for crossing guards as requested by Chief Gehen, who said it was necessary for public safety. The budget cut $100,000 from Animal Control and Councilwoman Bove had a plan to achieve this that she thought would work and she would take responsibility for it. She commented on the significant impact the 400 member Youth Engaged in Service program had on the kids and the community and stated that funding for its operation was restored. Councilwoman Bove stated $15,000 in revenue from the senior fitness center was added and noted that

1250 Union Road 2009 Special Districts & Preliminary
West Seneca, NY 14224 Budget – November 20, 2008
Page three . . .

the town operated the best and most efficient senior fitness program in WNY at a net cost for the year of $7000. Councilwoman Bove thought that Supervisor Piotrowski’s proposed budget was irresponsible and the amended budget was responsible and fiscally sound, provided for no increase in taxes, provided incentives for more savings, and provided the same service the people now had at a much lower cost.

Supervisor Piotrowski stated that he would not apologize to the residents for asking the Town Board and department heads to be more efficient and cost effective with their tax dollars. The amended budget showed a zero increase because revenues were increased, but instead of returning the money, additional money was spent in numerous areas. Supervisor Piotrowski further noted that these amendments were provided to him at 4:30 PM this date just prior to the meeting.

Ayes:  (4)    Councilwoman Bove, Councilman Graber, Councilwoman Meegan, Councilman Clarke
Noes:  (1)   Supervisor Piotrowski
Motion Carried


Motion by Councilwoman Bove, seconded by Councilman Graber, to adjourn the meeting at 5:30 P.M.

Ayes: All Noes: None Motion Carried