Town of West Seneca

Environmental Commission Meeting Minutes


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

7:00 PM

Christian Metz Home

2001 Union Road, West Seneca

I.          CALL TO ORDER


    Joyce Mallette
    Paula Olma
    Al Kerner
    Gary Osterhoudt
    Rick Rutkowski
    Roberta Vallone

    Guest(s) -    Polk Kellam, Jill Jedlicka, Evelyn Hicks, Dave Monolopoulous

    Absent -    Christina Bove, Ferol Webb


---Acceptance of or additions to this agenda

---Review and Acceptance of the minutes of the July 25, 2007 meeting – finalize minutes, Al moved, Gary seconded, passed.


  1. West Seneca Night Out - August 7 – 6 P.M. – 9 P.M. recap of activities: Rick: Too much information on the table. Perhaps a list of topics and then have people ask for information. Stormwater related information and pollution prevention – too many topics. Location was good. All environmental things should be grouped together.

  2. Canisius Sports Stadium – status, possible meeting re: Western New York Land Conservancy for Eastern parcel?

    ZBA upheld Building Inspector 3-2, State Supreme Court upheld Building Inspector, going to Appellate Division.  The construction is almost finished.  We talked about options:  Canisius was interested in working with us on protecting some of the land.  Can’t do much while litigation pending.

  3. We welcomed Jill Jedlicka of Riverkeeper to discuss the opportunities that are available to the Town for enhancing the creek corridors.  Riverkeeper position is opposed to development in floodplain that would impact hydrology.  West Seneca is a key place for protecting the habitat.  The Town impacts the Buffalo River’s habitat corridor, greenway.  Habitat restoration meeting was held yesterday at New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Offices.  There is a lot of money available for those governments who will collaborate with non-profits.  West Seneca can qualify for many grants that would address problems and also create opportunities.  Illegal SSOs would not qualify.  They are under consent order so there is nothing that can be done.  Opportunities would include creek access for the public.  Public education; signage.  Suggestion from Riverkeeper re: Boat Launch proposal: repackage the same ideas in a different formula, it can be a public access and doesn’t have to be a boat launch.  That can be leveraged to get grants and state funds by utilizing what the town did as match funds.  There are many access points along the creeks that need to be signed.  We as a committee should map the access points.  Al Kerner will give the addresses for the access places to Jill Jedlicka and Jill will do a GIS map. Al: Unfortunately that proposed boat launch access site is right next to the compost site.  The compost site leachate could go into the Buffalo River.  RAV: Maybe cleanup of the proposed Walmart site, on the Oak Grove site, could be sought using grant funds.  There are a lot of pots of money available for brownfields.  This would be a good start to reclaiming the creek corridor.  Grant RFPs from NYS Register July 11, 2007.  RAV makes a motion that she will write a letter to the Town Board asking the Board to consider purchase of the Oak Grove Parcel, Rick seconds.  All in favor. The letter would say that the Town should buy the property and protect the creek corridor.

  4. Fishing Derby –  Next Spring, need to find a place with water and fish. Tabled.

  5. Boat Launch Project –  status of grant application? Tabled.
  6. WalMart Status:  Property is for Sale, see above discussion re: ask Town to purchase.

  7. Stormwater Project with ECEMC:  They are using our Spring program as a model around the County.  Need to think of another outreach idea for next year.

  8. Riverkeeper Fall Cleanup Event:  We missed it due to RAV out of town.  Our site is the Harlem Road site.  There are three tires there, upstream side, south side.  Al will talk to Finnegan for pick up of those tires.  We need more outreach to the community, to do multiple sites, with more volunteers.  Joe Cantafio is one idea; Al talked to him.  Cantafio is a Participation in Government teacher.  RAV will talk to Mark Lazzarra.

  9. New Farmland Protection Grant: for Clinton Street. See if WNYLC can help.


  1. Office/Computer Area Configuration, Computer Security:

  2. Recruiting of Youth for Environmental Commission:  We should canvass high schools to get volunteers.  Can we send a letter to high schools requesting that they seek nominees from qualified students.  Rick moved and Gary seconded for RAV to write a letter to high schools to get recruitments.

  3. Budget expenditures –  no expenditures.


We still need to put together the annual plan and budget.  Al would like to increase the amount of donation to Hawk Creek because they help with wildlife issues in the Town at no charge.  Al moves to donate to Hawk Creek for $100, payable immediately, Second by Gary, all in favor.


We should do stenciling of storm drains.  We can get paint and stencils from Riverkeepers.  Costs nothing.  Rick has asked Gary Bommer to get the list of storm drains that go directly to the Creek.  Need to get permission from the Town Board.