Town of West Seneca

Environmental Commission Meeting Minutes


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

7:00 PM

Christian Metz Home

2001 Union Road, West Seneca

I.          CALL TO ORDER


    Gary Oosterhoudt
    Rick Rutkowski
    Al Kerner
    Christina Bove
    Sheila Meegan
    Lester Loucks

    Guests Present: -    Evelyn Hicks

    Absent -   Roberta Vallone, Paula Olma, Ferol Webb, Joyce Mallette


  1. Acceptance of or additions to this agenda - none

  2. Review and Acceptance of the minutes of the January 22 and February 26, 2008 meetings – no quorum, so minutes were not reviewed/accepted


  1. Public Boat Launch/Creek Access Project – letter from Assemblyman Schroeder which indicated award of grant ($50,000) was received by C. Bove – the project started last year when the Town Highway Dept cleared the land – Planned activities for this spring included signage and landscaping. E. Hicks suggested using low maintenance native species of vegetation – R. Rutkowski suggestion: contact Jill Jedlicka (Bflo Niag Riverkeeper) or Mary Rossi (ECDEP) – Rick will contact G. Bommer to determine if all necessary env permits have been procured.

  2. Leydecker Rd. Bridge – Al Kerner is working with the W. Sen. Hwy Dept re: parking access for persons that fish in Cazenovia creek

  3. Oakgrove Property – 422 Mineral Springs Rd – Rick will check with the NYSDEC to determine if they have investigated /studied the parcel to determine if it might be a brownfield or grayfield (remediation) opportunity

  4. Jacobs property – a Phase 1 Env. Assessment has been completed by RR and was provided to E. Hicks – no env. problems noted. E. Hicks mentioned that the property should be appraised, which could cost as much as $3,000 – she said that the BNR would be willing to pay 1/3 of the cost of the appraisal - Also, the Jacobs family wants to ensure that the property remains undeveloped. E. Hicks will contact Town Attorney E. Hunter in order to advise him of the status of the land transaction

  5. Oxbow – the Bflo Niag Riverkeeper is anticipating the award of a grant for the purpose of remediating the oxbow (due to October 2006 storm damage) - also there is a chance that the NYSDEC may designate the oxbow as a NYS Regulated Freshwater Wetland – an appraisal must be done on this property

  6. Ad Hoc Committee activities/reports:
    • Greenway subcommittee – workshops will be conducted at the WS Senior center (already reserved) as follows:
      • Cluster Subdivision - April 22, 2008 - 7-9 P.M.
      • SEQRA - April 29, 2008 - 7-9 P.M.
        E. Hicks will promote these events for the public via the W. S. Bee and the WS website. RAV will send letters to the WS Planning Board and Zoning Board to promote their attendance
      • Stormwater subcommittee – a letter requesting that the WSEC initiate storm sewer stenciling was sent on March 11 to Supervisor Piotrowski – he has denied the request

  7. Feb 29 meeting with W. Piotrowski – see memo from RAV to supervisor Piotrowski (attached) – no response rec’d. from Supervisor re: issues brought forth at meeting by RAV

  8. Feb 27 meeting with BNR – Canisius Project – EH reports that Canisius has submitted plans to expand their facilities (i.e. locker rooms) and activities (i.e. baseball) at the Western Parcel – apparently this violates the SEQR rules and Regulations pertaining to “segmentation” of the project. EH had a conversation with the Canisius attorney and reports that Canisius seems to be committed to preservation of the eastern portion (32 acres) of their Clinton St. property


  1. Long Range Plan for WSEC – Night out is scheduled for Aug 5 – RR has requested the Stormwater display from M. Rossi (ECDEP)

  2. WSEC Vacancies – RAV will resign – she will be appointed as a consulting (non voting) member - F. Webb will be appointed as an emeritus member. Youth membership - this town code change will be addressed by the Town Board

  3. ECEMC – RAV to resign – WSEC will suggest that AK replace her as the W. Seneca representative for the ECEMC – RR will send a letter to Supv Piotrowski requesting that he send a letter to EC Exec C. Collins requesting that AK be appointed as the WS liaison to the ECEMCE

  4. Budget expenditures – none reported

VI.          NEW ISSUES

  1. Bflo Niag Riverkeeper Spring Shoreline Sweep – April 19 - RR has prepared an announcement and sign up sheet pertaining to this event. RR to contact B. Howell (WS Bee) and J. Manley (WS Website) to publicize this event - G. Oosterhaudt will be the WSEC contact person

  2. Plan Review Subcommittee Organization:
    • protocol for receiving/reviewing developer’s plans
    • assist Town with updating the Town Code (i.e. Zoning)


  • Fishing Derby – it was suggested that a “field day” for kids be held instead of a fishing derby

  • Giant Hogweed Report - RR reports that only $3,000 was allocated by NY State to the Dept of Ag. and Mkts. for hogweed control

  • Office space – AK will move the computer from the Metz house to his office