Town of West Seneca

Environmental Commission Meeting Minutes


Tuesday, January 27, 2009 at 7:00 PM

Burchfield Nature and Arts Center

2001 Union Road, West Seneca


    7:02 P.M.


    Al Kerner (AK)
    Gary Oosterhoudt (GO)
    Rick Rutkowski (RR)
    Christina Bove (CB)
    Joyce Mallette (JM)
    Evelyn Hicks (EH)

    Guests Present: -    Dave Monolopolus

    Absent -   Paula Olma, Ferol Webb, Sheila Meegan, Lester Loucks


    ---Acceptance of or additions to this agenda - none

    ---Review and Acceptance of the minutes of the December 2008 meeting (approved JM, second GO)

    ---RR accepted the duties of preparing agenda, recording minutes of meetings

    Financial report:    JM reports that $1181.23 remains in our 2008 Budget, and that three outstanding bills remain (for the file cabinet, desk, fence for Leydecker Rd Project) to be paid The WSEC budget for 2009 is $1000.00


    1.   Public Boat Launch/Creek Access Project – CB is hesitant to initiate additional work for project without grant $$ “in hand” – EH to send a letter to M. Schroeder re: grant funds - G Bommer has the design plans for the project, and CB will contact him for assistance to finalize the project description and then will provide it to RR so that he can initiate the SEQR process - The boat launch site will be “inspected” during the spring by AK, RR, GO

    2.   Leydecker Rd. Bridge Project – fencing materials have been purchased and are currently stored at the vendor’s business – WSEC members will assist with fence installation - AK will finalize the project description and then will provide it to RR so that he can initiate the SEQR process –

    3.   Oxbow property – the survey of the property has been delayed by weather – NYSDEC has designated the oxbow to be a protected freshwater wetland - The Buffalo Niagara Riverkeepers has not signed the grant with National Fish and WildlifeFoundation yet, as the property has not yet been transferred to W. Seneca

    4.   Short EAF to be prepared for the above (3) projects by RR – EH requested that W. Seneca be lead agency for all projects, and, when completed, all projects to be submitted to interested agencies ( such as the DEC and any other permitting agencies) at one time

    5.   Canisius Property (33 acres - Eastern Parcel) -The Trust for Public Lands has reached an agreement to acquire the property from Canisius High School – A Federal Grant may be pursued to contribute 50% of the cost of the parcel, and other agencies may contribute the other 50%

      Question:   will the T. W. Seneca consider being the steward of the property? If so, the WSEC should develop a long term Management Plan for the property

      CB to bring up this question at a Town Board Meeting

      A long tem Management plan should be devised for all “open space” property owned by the T. W. Seneca

    6.   Stormwater – Storm Drain Stenciling project on hold (due to weather) - RR will request permission from the Deputy Commissioner of EC Highways to initiate storm drain stenciling on EC roads


    1.   Solar Energy – CB reports that Solar Energy projects may be available for the Senior Center (50 KW) and the Highway Garage (50KW) – should offset power costs by approx 22%/yr - a meeting will be conducted at 4 PM 1/29 at the Town Hall – some of our members will be able to attend to support this project

    2.   EH has 2 copies of a BNR document (Buffalo and Niagara River Habitat and Conservation Framework) – provided one to AK


    1.   Office space – CB will look for office space for the commission (for storage of stuffed animals, filing cabinet, computer, etc.) should be accessible to members – Currently the stuffed animals are stored in the Animal Control Bldg

    2.   Library availability for WSEC outreach/exhibit – October 2009

8:15 Motion to Adjourn (RR) second (GO)

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