Town of West Seneca

Environmental Commission Meeting Minutes


Tuesday, February 24, 2009 at 7:00 PM

Burchfield Nature and Arts Center

2001 Union Road, West Seneca


    7:05 P.M.


    Al Kerner (AK)
    Gary Oosterhoudt (GO)
    Rick Rutkowski (RR)
    Joyce Mallette (JM)
    Evelyn Hicks (EH)
    Sheila Meegan (SM)

    Guests Present: -    None

    Absent -   Paula Olma, Ferol Webb, Lester Loucks, Christina Bove


    ---Acceptance of or additions to this agenda - none

    ---Review and Acceptance of the minutes of the January 2009 meeting (approved GO, second JM)

    Financial report:    JM will determine if the 3 outstanding bills remaining from 2008 have been paid


    1.   Public Boat Launch/Creek Access Project – AK suggests that the name of the project be revised to “Mineral Springs Rd. Access Point” – AK has sent an e-mail to M. Schroeder’s office re: grant funds - RR has not yet received the project description from C. Bove and therefore has not initiated the SEQR process (Short Environmental Assessment Form) - The site will be “inspected” during the spring by AK, RR, GO.

    2.    Leydecker Rd. Bridge Project – the parking area is to be upgraded in Spring 2009 - AK will finalize the project description and then will provide it to RR so that he can initiate the SEQR process.

    3.    Oxbow property – EH reports that the survey of the property has been completed, but the property has not yet been transferred to W. Seneca – hopefully this will be done by March – EH suggests a dedication/reception when this activity is completed – (Draft) Short Environmental Assessment Form is being prepared by RR – DEC may opt for lead agency status since the oxbow is a NYS Protected Freshwater Wetland .

    4.    Canisius Property (32 acres - Eastern Parcel) – EH believes that the property should be mowed this year – she will ask Canisius High School to do so (when the weather permits – Spring/Summer) - SM expressed concerns re: liability to W. Seneca if the Town were to take ownership of the parcel. Question remains from last meeting: will the T. W. Seneca consider being the steward of the property? (needs to be brought to the Town Board) - If so, the WSEC should develop a long term Management Plan for the property .

    5.    Stormwater – Storm Drain Stenciling project - RR prepared (and will send) a letter to Deputy Commissioner of EC Highways requesting permission to initiate storm drain stenciling on EC roads in 2009.

    6.    Long Range Plan for WSEC – EH will update the plan, send to all members - RR suggests that it be posted on the W. Seneca website.

    7.    Solar Energy – NYSERDA grants have been applied for – awards are expected to be awarded this year – SM to obtain electronic version of grant(s) submitted by W. Seneca, and distribute to WSEC (for informational purposes).


    1.    W. Seneca website – a discussion ensued re: publicizing the WSEC activities on the website – items/events such as creek clean up activities, Night Out (Aug 4, 2009), Storm drain stenciling – AK suggests that Commission members could also publicize activities by accepting invitations from local organizations (as guest speakers) – AK will develop an outline of topics

    2.    EH suggests a new project – performing (and documenting) a tree inventory within W. Seneca – will be discussed in more detail at future meetings.

    3.    Solicitation for a donation to NYS Assoc. of Conservation Commissions rec’d (they send a Quarterly newsletter to us) – members voted not to donate to this organization.

    4.    Donation ($100.00) to Hawk Creek Wildlife Foundation requested by AK – motion to approve by EH, second by JM.

    5.    Hi View Terrace – RR will discuss(with G. Bommer – Engineering Dept.) the possibility of using Federal Stimulus funds to install a sanitary sewer line to service the homes on this street – SM has no knowledge of this situation and RR will provide background information to her.


    1.   Office space – status quo – no office space identified yet.

    2.   Plan review - RR rec’d/reviewed site plan for a project at 1168 Orchard Park Rd – no negative environmental impacts evident – RR will send a response to Town Clerk P. DePasquale .

    3.   Cazenovia Creek – RR will contact DOT and request that a barrier (small fence?) be erected alongside the DOT guard rail (at Ridge and Orchard Park Rds) in an effort to prevent wind blown debris from being deposited along the banks of (and in) the creek.

8:45 Motion to Adjourn by GO, second by EH

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