Town of West Seneca

Environmental Commission Meeting Minutes


Tuesday, June 30, 2009 at 7:00 PM

Burchfield Nature and Arts Center

2001 Union Road, West Seneca

I.        CALL TO ORDER:

    7:10 P.M.


    Rick Rutkowski (RR)
    Joyce Mallette (JM)
    Evelyn Hicks (EH)
    Christina Bove (CB)
    Paula Olma (PO)
    Gary Oosterhoudt (GO)

    Absent -   Ferol Webb, Lester Loucks (LL), Sheila Meegan (SM), Al Kerner (AK)

    Guests Present: -    Dave Monolopolous


    1.   Two year terms (for appointment to the W. Seneca Env. Commission) have expired as of 5/2009 for PO, GO, LL. GO has submitted a letter to Supervisor requesting reappointment. CB will add to the agenda for the next Board Meeting. LL status for reappointment is in question. EH requests that members consider an additional member should LL resign – (for discussion at next meeting)

    2.   Minutes of the April 28, 2009 meeting were approved by GO, seconded by PO – will be e-mailed to Jim Manley by RR


    1.   Mineral Springs Rd. Access Point – CB will meet with Connie Minor (grant writer for W, Seneca) to pursue funding for the grant which is necessary to begin work for this project. Also, CB will contact Oak Grove Construction to discuss acquisition of their parcel of property (at 422 Mineral Springs Rd) as a portion of the greenway along Buffalo Creek in West Seneca

    2.   Leydecker Rd. Bridge Project – AK, GO, Dave Monolopolous installed fence, W. Seneca Highways “paved” with road millings (for parking area) – needs some sort of barricade at walkway to the creek to prevent/discourage access with a motor vehicle - perhaps a chain across the walkway, perhaps large boulders set in place – Dave M. said that access might be needed by emergency vehicles necessary for rescue – signage:


    to be obtained from the Erie County Sign Shop – (AK to arrange)

    3.   Canisius Property (33 acres - Eastern Parcel) – EH asked CB about submittal of a resolution pertaining to acquisition of the parcel

    4.   Storm Drain Stenciling project – RR will provide information (see below) to Town Attorney (Sean Martin) for review, opinion on whether the WSEC staff is insured by T. W. Seneca while performing this work: letter from the EC Div. of Highways approving of storm drain stenciling on EC roadways, with permit application RR discussed that criteria for proper location of stencils would include: closed drainage system (with storm water catch basins) Residential area RR will send a list of the EC owned roads in W. Seneca to the members of the commission and to G. Bommer for review, selection of streets for stenciling

    5.   Solar Energy Project – CB has spoken with C. Minor (T. W. Seneca Grant Writer) who advised that the project has passed through the design phase and is progressing – grant funding has not yet been determined.

    6.   Oxbow property – Status quo (acquisition of the property “on hold” as per EH) – Search and Survey has been completed, and the invoices have been submitted to the Town for payment – Access to the property an be obtained via an easement – the Erie County Soil and Water Conservation District has easements (if needed) across all properties in the County

    7.   Hi View Terrace – RR reports that a letter was sent (6/16/09) to the EC Health Dept. requesting that they investigate the problem of the failing septic systems that service the residential homes on this street. No response has yet been received. RR will check with G. Bommer (W. Seneca Engineering) to see if he has received a response.

    8.   Long Range Plan for WSEC – Status Quo – the long range plan needs to be updated

    9.   Office Space - EH suggested that we solicit a donation of office space from area businesses – a verbal request will be made to Dale McCabe (owner of the Southgate Plaza). A mention was made regarding the (newly placed) asphalt millings on a parcel of property that is adjacent to Borden Rd. just south of Buffalo Creek

V.        NEW ISSUES

    1.   Acquisition of property adjacent to Leydecker Rd. Creek Access Point

    2.   Filling of wetlands by owner (Serafini Construction) at 2735 Clinton St – RR reported to NYSDEC for enforcement action – property is currently for sale-

    3.   W. Seneca Env. Commission display table at 8/4 National Night Out

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