Town of West Seneca

Environmental Commission Meeting Minutes


Tuesday, October 27, 2009 at 7:00 PM

Burchfield Nature and Arts Center

2001 Union Road, West Seneca


    7:03 P.M.


    Rick Rutkowski (RR)
    Joyce Mallette (JM)
    Evelyn Hicks (EH)
    Paula Olma (PO)
    Gary Oosterhoudt (GO)
    Al Kerner (AK)

    Absent -   Ferol Webb, Lester Loucks (LL), Sheila Meegan (SM)

    Guests Present: -    Dave Monolopolous


1.   Table the review of the June 2009 meeting minutes until next meeting

2.   Treasurers report: Joyce Mallette reported a finance charge from Reboy Supply Inc. - Al will address this issue with the company

3.   $900.00 remains in budget – new expenditures agreed on for:

    -   $100.00 donation to Riverkeeper

    -   $60.00 donation to Retree WNY

Al will investigate the cost for signage for public access points at creeks – he will have a complete report pertaining to signage for the next meeting

A budget request for 2010 of $1000.00 for the WSEC was submitted to the Town


1.   Night Out 2009 – not as successful as in the past – weather related? Fewer booths than in past years

2.   Bulletin Board – needs to be developed for W. Sen Library in October - theme: Trees are Treasures (include photos of W. Seneca nature scenes) – we need to develop a bulletin board for display at the Town Hall - possibly for May 2010 – Another idea is a kiosk for the Leydecker Rd Creek Access Point

3.   Oxbow property – Status quo (acquisition of the property “on hold” as per EH) – apparently, problems are evolving with the property transfer EH provided a handout to the members and she and RR will attend a meeting re the oxbow at the Riverkeepers office on 10/28/09 – invasive species will be discussed at the meeting

Also the Natural Places in Erie County Brochure will be provided by EH for distribution throughout the Town

4.    EH reports re: the SEQR workshop which is to be conducted (2 sessions) – at ECC North and at ECC South and handed out brochures – AK, D. Monolopolous to attend – AK will try to persuade the WS highway superintendent (Matt English) to attend

5.   Hi View Terrace – RR reports that C. Minor (grant writer for W. Seneca) has submitted a WQIP Round 10 grant to the DEC which will address the failing septic systems issue – he will try to obtain a copy of the application

6.   Long Range Plan for WSEC – Status Quo – the long range plan needs to be updated – EH will address

7.   Office Space - AK will solicit a donation of office space from Dale McCabe (owner of the Southgate Plaza).


1.   AK expects to be appointed to a foreman’s position at the highway Dept in 2010, which will help our WSEC efforts/projects

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