Town of West Seneca

Environmental Commission Meeting Minutes


Tuesday, November 24, 2009 at 7:00 PM

Burchfield Nature and Arts Center

2001 Union Road, West Seneca


    7:03 P.M.


    Rick Rutkowski (RR)
    Joyce Mallette (JM)
    Evelyn Hicks (EH)
    Al Kerner (AK)

    Absent -    Ferol Webb, Lester Loucks (LL), Sheila Meegan (SM) Paula Olma (PO), Gary Oosterhoudt (GO)

    Guests Present: -    Dave Monolopolous


1.   The June 2009 and October 2009 meeting minutes were accepted - RR will send electronic versions to Jim Manley

2.   Treasurers report: Joyce Mallette reported that $900.00 remains in the budget. This will be reduced to $740.00 when the invoices for the donations to Retree WNY and Riverkeeper are received and paid future expenditures from the 2009 budget are expected to include $$ for signage and equipment (sign posts, hardware) for installation of signs (ref.: IV. 8. below)


1.   Mineral Springs Rd. Access Point, Storm Drain Stenciling Tabled until Spring 2010

2.    Library display scheduling for the library for displays will be done at the beginning of 2010 JM will try to obtain either May (preferred) or April for our display the display (to be developed) will consist of signage, photos, and a new WSEC project for 2010 (pertaining to fishing in west Seneca)

3.    Oxbow property EH reports that property is still owned by the Jacob family (no transfer to W. Seneca yet) the notes from the 10/28/09 meeting (attended by RR and EH) re: the oxbow at the Riverkeepers office was provided to the WSEC members next meeting is scheduled for 12/2/09 at 3 PM (Canisius High School Brady Hall)

4.    EH reports that the SEQR workshops that were hosted by the ECEMC at ECC South (11/18 09 47 attendees) and at ECC North 11/19/09 56 attendees) were, in general, well received she said that the content was quite valuable but that, in her opinion, the venues were not very good as she had a difficult time finding the workshop locations

5.    Hi View Terrace RR will try to obtain a copy of the WQIP Round 10 grant application from Connie Minor (grant writer for W. Seneca) which has been submitted to the DEC

6.    Long Range Plan for WSEC Status Quo the long range plan needs to be updated to include the formation of overlay districts for the creek corridors in the Town EH will address

7.    Office Space - AK will contact Dale McCabe (manager of the Southgate Plaza) to attempt to solicit a donation of office space.

8.    Leydecker Rd. signage (5 - 2.5 x 3 ft., 1 - 4 x 6 ft.) has been obtained by AK from Erie County (expected cost approx $400.00) the large sign will be erected at the Leydecker Rd. Creek Access Point, others will be erected at other locations in West Seneca 2 sites were mentioned (Mill Rd. Park, Soccer Park) AK will purchase sign posts and other materials necessary to install signage

9.    Solar Energy Project project has been initiated at the Town Hall


1.    Solicitation of New WSEC Members the commission members feel that Dave Monolopolus would be a good addition to the commission - George Rocky (Ducks Unlimited) was asked if he is interested RR will check with NYSDEC staff to determine if any might be W. Seneca residents, and will determine interest

2.    AK would like to initiate interest in fishing in West Seneca, and feels that we should have a fishing weekend in June (when the NYSDEC has their free fishing day) the commission members thought this was a good idea

Meeting adjourned 9 P.M.

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