Environmental Commission Meeting Minutes 07/27/2010

Burchfield Nature and Arts Center
2001 Union Road, West Seneca                                                  Tuesday, July 27, 2010 at 7:00 PM



Present: Rick Rutkowski, Vice-Chairman; Evelyn Hicks, Chairman; Joyce Mallette, Paula Olma, Dave Monolopolus, George Rockey

Absent: Sheila Meegan, Gary Oosterhoudt


  1. The June 2010 meeting minutes were distributed, reviewed, and accepted (JM), second (PO), motion carried  - RR will provide minutes to town personnel for posting on the Town's web site.
  2. Treasurer's report: $118.51 was spent to buy 3 display easels from Office Max.  $104.06 was spent to buy lumber (from Home Depot) for the Leydecker Rd. project.  $777.43 remaining in 2010 budget.  8 Embroidered golf shirts were purchased (4 more to be ordered) from Trophys Trophys and were distributed to commission members in attendance.  Future purchases to include a GPS unit, binoculars and a digital camera.  EH and RR will look into purchasing those items.   A $50 donation will be made to Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper. (RR – Motion, PO second – motion carried)
  3. Chairperson Vacancy, New Members - RR sent a letter to the Town Supervisor and Council members requesting that EH be appointed Chairperson. EH appointed to that position on July 19, 2010.   Chuck Godfrey was asked (by GR) to be a commission member, but his mailing address is in Cheektowaga.  After discussion, we have decided to ask him to participate as a non voting member.
  4. Office Space – DM will discuss (with Dale McCabe – manager) obtaining office space for the commission at the Southgate Plaza.  Currently we have access to a cupboard at the BNAC for papers, etc.  Evelyn has a key for the cabinet.


  1. Leydecker Rd. Access Point – GR would like the town to provide a trash receptacle/pick up services - EH will request same from Town Highways/Sanitation, and will also request that the path to the creek be cleared and stoned for a neater appearance.
  2. Oxbow Property/Serafini Property – the Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper has scheduled a work day for August 4 (9:30 – 12) at the oxbow, with lunch to follow – WSEC members are encouraged to participate – BNR has commissioned an appraisal of the Serafini property – appraised the wetland area at $1300.00/acre and the "scrub land" at $4000.00/acre – Total appraisal $33,000.00 for 15 acres: 10 of wetland, and5 of upland floodplain.
  3. Hi View Terrace – RR spoke with Gerry Palumbo (NYSDEC) re: awarding of the Water Quality Improvement Program grant funding, and was advised that the funding is being delayed because NY State does not yet have a 2010 budget.
  4. Night Out – August 3 – Southgate plaza - Tables and chairs have not yet been obtained from the Town for this event – we will have displays of our accomplishments (oxbow, Leydecker Rd.) – DM will provide a rain barrel for display - RR will obtain/provide literature re: disposal of pharmaceuticals and stormwater related information – Know Your Backyard booklet will be provided as a handout - also a sheet will be provided for interested members of the public to sign up as WSEC volunteers – all WSEC members are encouraged to attend this event


  1. Edbauer Construction – the site plan has been modified and approved by the Town Planning Board. – WSEC suggestions pertaining to the site plan have been incorporated into that document per Wendy Salvati of Wendel Duchscherer.  Edbauer to provide final, revised site plan to Planning Board.
  2. Houghton College – resident complaints and comments persist.  On the Town Board agenda for August 16, 2010 for a public hearing


  1. 1030 Orchard Park Rd – EH received information form Sheila Meegan concerning the NRD monies for this site.  EH to follow-up.
  2. 151 Borden Rd. – property privately owned by M. Surdej – property identified as a significant creek access point on the Buffalo Creek
  3. 1200 East & West Rd. - There is a possibility that the NYSDEC may identify the Cazenovia Creek Gorge area as a Forest Preserve/Habitat area that may fall into their jurisdiction

Meeting adjourned at 9:20