Environmental Commission Meeting Minutes 06/29/2010

Burchfield Nature and Arts Center
2001 Union Road, West Seneca                                                  Tuesday, June 29, 2010 at 7:00 PM


Present: Rick Rutkowski (RR), Evelyn Hicks (EH), George Rockey (GR), Dave
Monolopolus (OM), Paula Olma (PO), Joyce Mallette (JM)
Absent: Gary Oosterhoudt (GO), AI Kerner (AK), Sheila Meegan (SM)


  1. The February 2010 meeting minutes were distributed, reviewed, and accepted
    (JM), second (OM) - RR will provide minutes to town personnel for posting on the
    Town's web site.
  2. Treasurer's report: $118.51 was spent to buy 3 display easels from Office Max.
    $881.49 remaining in 2010 budget. Future purchases - JM will visit Trophies
    Trophies to obtain costs for t-shirts and/or golf shirts for members. A suggestion to
    purchase binoculars and a digital camera was made. OM made a motion to
    purchase those items, and PO seconds. EH will look into purchasing those items.
  3. Chairperson resignation - AK has resigned as chairperson of the commission after
    discussion, the members agreed that the commission would be best served
    if EH was appointed chairperson - RR will draft a letter to the Town Supervisor
    and Council members requesting same.
  4. Office Space - OM will discuss (with Dale McCabe - manager) obtaining office
    space for the commission at the Southgate Plaza. Currently we have access to a
    cupboard at the BNAC for papers, etc. Evelyn has a key for the cabinet.
  5. Riverkeeper Donation - tabled for discussion at a future meeting. JM to identify
    amount donated last year.


  1. Hi View Terrace - no information re: the WQIP grant award that the Town submitted for
    this Project (for sanitary sewer connection) - RR will follow up with the Town's grant
    writer (Connie Miner) concerning that matter.
  2. Leydecker Rd. Access Point - EH checked Leydecker Road site last week. Permanent
    sign has been erected and looks great! Thanks to AI Kerner for managing that project.
    The pathway to the creek could be cleared and stoned for a neater appearance. EH will
    ask AK to request that work be done by W Seneca Highway Dept.
  3. Oxbow Property - EH reported that West Seneca has received an eight-year
    FreshwaterWetlands Permit from the NYS DEC to conduct restoration work in the
    oxbow wetland. Thanks to Riverkeeper for assistance in garnering this permit. OM, EH
    and RR participated in a workday in the oxbow Sunday A.M., June 27. We cleared
    invasive plant species from around our entrance sites (staked and marked basswood
    and elderberry plantings) and cut down five bags of knotweed in the meadow. As part
    of the NFWF grant, Riverkeeper is contracting with Ecology and Environment to develop
    a long-term management plan for continuing stewardship of the wetland. One possible
    idea is constructing walking trails. RR has seen unauthorized privately owned vehicles
    in the berm between the oxbow and the creek, and suggests that we consider asking
    the Town to erect physical barriers (I.e. boulders across the berm?) to prohibit this
    activity. Also, informational signage was discussed for the oxbow. EH wants to discuss
    the possibility of the Town acquiring an additional parcel (Western Arm) adjacent to the
    Town-owned central-portion oxbow wetland. EH has discussed this possibility with Mr.
    Serafini (owner), who is a willing seller. Financing options should also be discussed, but
    the goal is for the transaction to be cost-neutral for the Town.
  4. Library Display - EH set up the library display on Saturday, May 1. JM took the display
    down on Tues. June 1. The informational display focused on wetlands and the oxbow
    wetland in particular. Special focus was also given to the new solar panels on the Town
    Hall and Senior Center. The Commission members expect that we will perform a similar
    activity in 2011


Proposed Development Projects

  1. Edbauer Construction - project may have been modified - May be an agenda
    item on the 7/9 Planning board meeting
  2. Houghton College property: petitioner did not appear at the June Planning board
    meeting - reason unknown

Upcoming Events

  1. Night Out - 8/3/10 - Southgate Plaza - need volunteers - JM to arrange for chairs and
    tables - KNOW YOUR BACKYARD booklets to be available
  2. Margaret Wooster will present information RE: National Fish and Wildlife Foundation grant
    at the Town Board meeting work-session at 6:00pm on July 19. CCE members should
    attend and support.
  3. EH to meet with Mark Schroeder on Friday, July 9 to discuss status of funding opportunity
    for creek access point on Mineral Springs Road. EH will report at next meeting
  4. RR and EH attended the first meeting of the Buffalo River Ecological Restoration Master
    Plan (ERMP) hosted by the EPA and Ecology & Environment at the Millenium Hotel on
    Walden Avenue on June 24, 2010. The purpose of this meeting was to evaluate and
    establish a mission statement and a scope of priorities important to the stakeholders.
    There will be another meeting scheduled this Fall.
  5. Next meeting July 27 - EH would like to ask guest speaker from the wetlands group, as
    we discussed in March or April.

Greenway extension, property acquisition

  • 1030 Orchard Park Rd - no report ( SM not in attendance)
  • 151 Borden Rd - possible fishing access site
  • 1200 East and West Rd - possible acqUisition by Town

Meeting adjourned - 9:40

V:IECSIRICKIW. Sen. Env. Comm June 29, 2010 minutes