Environmental Commission Meeting Minutes 02/23/2010

Burchfield Nature and Arts Center
2001 Union Road, West Seneca                                                  Tuesday, February 23, 2010 at 7:00 PM

  1. CALL TO ORDER - 7:07 PM

    Present: Rick Rutkowski (RR), Joyce Mallette (JM), Gary Oosterhoudt (GO), Evelyn Hicks (EH), Al Kerner (AK)
    Absent: Paula Olma (PO), Ferol Webb (FW), Lester Loucks (LL), Sheila Meegan (SM)
    Guests: George Rockey, Dave Monolopolus

    1.The January 2010 meeting minutes were distributed, reviewed, and approved – RR will send to Jim Manley.

    2.Treasurer’s report: JM reported that 2 outstanding bills had been paid (from the 2009 budget) to Erie County (for signage) and to Reboys Supply (for materials) for the Leydecker Road Creek Access Point project.  The 2010 WSEC budget is $1000.00.

    3.Reappointment to the Commission – RR advised that Supervisor Piotrowski would like all members who are seeking reappointment to submit letters to him.  RR, JM and GO have submitted their letter to the supervisor.  AK and EH have not done so as of yet, and both intend to complete this task in short order.  Les Loucks has submitted a letter of resignation from the commission to AK.
    New Appointments: Dave Monolopolus has submitted his letter requesting appointment to the WSEC.  George Rockey was solicited as a new member and will take the matter under consideration.

    4.Office Space – AK will follow up re: this mater with the manager of the Southgate Plaza.

    5.WSEC t-shirts, golf shirt – Commission members agreed to order a limited number (10) of t-shirts and a golf shirt from Trophys Trophys Inc. for distribution as deemed necessary.  GO and JM will procure these items.

    1.HiView Terrace – RR reported that no information pertaining to the grant application had been available from the Town’s Engineering office (as of 2/10) – He will check with other sources within the Town re: grant status prior to next month’s meeting.

    2.Leydecker Rd. Access Point – AK reported that he expected the (4” x 6”) signage for the site to be installed prior to May 1, 2010. AK said he asked Jim Pace (West Seneca Historian) to be a presenter at the March meeting – topic is to be the cultural history of Leydecker Rd. A discussion ensued concerning Town acquisition of the state owned property (formerly the West Seneca Developmental Center) along Cazenovia Creek near the Leydecker Rd. site.  (This should be discussed further and, if agreed upon, be added to the WSEC long range plan).

    3.Oxbow Property – EH reported that the Town acquired the property (2805 Clinton St.) on Feb. 22, 2010 from the Jacobs family. She has prepared a draft memo to the Town Board (RR to review prior to submittal) pertaining to plans for the property, as it will be incorporated into the plans for a Greenway corridor along Buffalo Creek.  A conservation easement for the parcel has been added to the Deed by the Jacob’s Family. Pursuant to Town Code, the WS Environmental Commission will administer the easement – making sure the property is not encroached upon or developed. The Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper group has initiated the SEQR application/permit process pertaining to necessary maintenance work.

    4.Library Display – photos of the oxbow will be procured from the SUNYAB ERIE students for the display – AK, JM to search for new “backing” material for the display board – current plans are for the display to be erected at the library on May 1.

    5.Solar energy projects – AK reports that the solar panels have been installed and are operational at the Town highway garage.  RR to inquire re: status of this project at the Town Hall and at the Senior Center.

    Meeting adjourned – 8:40 P.M.