Environmental Commission Meeting Minutes 01/26/2010

Burchfield Nature and Arts Center
2001 Union Road, West Seneca                                                  Tuesday, January 26, 2010 at 7:00 PM


    7:10 P.M.


    Rick Rutkowski (RR)
    Joyce Mallette (JM)
    Sheila Meegan (SM),
    Gary Oosterhoudt (GO)
    Evelyn Hicks (EH)
    Al Kerner (AK)

    Absent -    Paula Olma (PO), Ferol Webb, Lester Loucks (LL)

    Guests Present: -    Margaret Wooster, Dave Monolopolus


1.   The November 2009 meeting minutes were distributed, reviewed, and approved - RR will send to Jim Manley.

2.   Treasurer’s report: Joyce Mallette reported that a credit had been received from Reboy’s supply for unused wood rails which had been returned (for the Leydecker Rd. Creek Access project) to the supplier – AK said that the credit was used to purchase equipment for signage for that project. JM said that our 2010 budget is $1000.00. RR suggested that the commission members provide ideas/proposals for projects (for use of the money) at our February meeting.

3.   Meeting Logistics - RR suggested a change of venue (to the WS Public Library), but members voted to continue meeting at the Burchfield Center. Members also agreed that a meeting announcement/agenda should be mailed each month to all members.

4.   Reappointments to the Commission – RR advised that Supervisor Piotrowski would like all members who are seeking reappointment to submit letters to him. RR had sent his letter in November 2009. All other members agreed to do so. A related topic: two vacancies exist -Dave Monolopolus will send a letter to the Town requesting appointment to the Commission. George Rocky has not responded to AK’s phone calls re: his interest in appointment to the WSEC


1.   West Seneca Greenway – Margaret Wooster (Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper) initially discussed the Buffalo Creek oxbow (east of Lakeside Dr.). The BNR is involved because the oxbow exists upstream of the Buffalo River Area of Concern (located from the mouth of the river to the Buffalo City Line) – the following activities have either taken place (last year) and are planned for this year:

  • Inventory of plants and animals
  • Mapping of invasive species (Japanese Knotweed, phragmites)
  • Removal of invasive species (by hand)
  • Tree Planting
  • Debris removal (blocking the oxbow channel

Also, the BNR is submitting a grant application to the EPA to establish a Greenway overlay District in West Seneca along the Buffalo Creek from Union Rd. Westward to the Buffalo City Line. She asked for a letter of support – the commission agreed to do so and a letter was prepared, and will be mailed/ distributed accordingly.

2.   Hi View Terrace – SM reported that a Water Quality Improvement Project Round 10 grant application has been submitted by the town, but no response has yet been received. If received, the grant would be used to connect the sanitary wastewaters (sewage) from homes located on Hi View Terrace to a municipal sanitary sewer for treatment (eliminating the current situation – individual septic systems which discharge inadequately treated wastewater to Cazenovia Creek)

(Due to the length of this meeting, discussion of other scheduled agenda items was postponed.)

Meeting adjourned – 8:50 P.M.

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