Town Electronic Sign Policy and Application

Town of West Seneca Electronic Events Sign Policy/Application*

The Town of West Seneca electronic events sign is to announce upcoming events and Town activities. This service is provided at no charge while the Town of West Seneca is not responsible for, nor does it endorse, any of the information and/or activities posted on the sign.
The following policy for submissions has been developed to make organizations aware of the Town’s policies in regards to posting events on the electronic sign. All submissions are respectfully requested to adhere to the specifics of this policy. The Town of West Seneca cannot accommodate every request. Thank you for your cooperation.
For more information, please contact the Town Supervisor’s Office at (716) 558-3202

Specifications for Submissions for the Town of West Seneca Events Sign

  1. The submitting organization must be a non-profit organization
  2. All submissions to be received on completed form below and may not be offensive or profane in nature
  3. Submissions must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the requested post date
  4. Submissions will be posted for no more than one week in advance of the event. (special requests will be considered)
  5. Placing the event on the sign, final determination of wording, and design selection will be at the sole discretion of the Town of West Seneca
  6. Space on the sign is limited; organizations may reserve a space for an event at a first come/first serve basis as long as the request is deemed appropriate. The Town of West Seneca news/events take precedence
  7. Organizations may request one event per month. If more than one event is requested, it will be considered if there is additional room on the sign at time of posting.

*This policy may be revised at any time