Licenses and Permits

Department Responsibilities

  • Site plan review for Town Zoning compliance
  • Building plan review for N.Y.S. Code compliance
  • Field Inspections during construction of building
    1. Foundation
    2. Framing
    3. Electrical (rough)
    4. Plumbing (rough)
    5. Insulation
    6. Final Inspection
    7. Issuance of Certification of Occupancy

Requirements for Building Permit Applications

  1. Copy of Survey: For property where work is to take place.
  2. Plans: Two (2) copies of the plans are required. The Building Inspector may require plans to be stamped by a licensed professional architect or engineer and to include a N.Y.S. Energy work-up sheet.
  3. Drainage Plan: Three (3) copies of complete set of workable site plan drawings required for all new construction, and may be required elsewhere at the discretion of the Building Inspector
  4. Contractors Insurance Certificate: Must be on file with our office
  5. Estimate of construction cost: Estimated cost of construction for statistics
  6. Town of West Seneca licensed plumbers to conduct Plumbing: If applicable
  7. Review process: Plans shall be left for review for a minimum of 14 days

An Application will not be accepted without all of the above

Fee Schedule for Building and Zoning Compliance Permits

Extract from Executive Law, Article 18, Section 383:
"......each expressly authorized and empowered to make, amend and repeal rules for the administration and enforcement and for the collection of reasonable fees in connection therewith...."