Land Use

Existing Land Use Patterns

The overall land use pattern in West Seneca is one of mixed uses within a predominately residential background. The Town is fairly developed with much of its land area built-out. The Existing Land Use Map (9) and the Digital Orthoimagry Map (10) help depict the existing land use of the Town. There are pockets of vacant land, agricultural properties and generally under-utilized property that will considered available for development within the current planning horizon.

This land use pattern is typical of Erie County's first ring suburbs that evolved from several independent hamlets into a bedroom community linked to the City of Buffalo, and near-by suburban towns sharing employment centers, entertainment and commercial activities. A defining feature in West Seneca is the lack of a village within its borders. Villages tend to include the oldest and most dense residential and commercial neighborhoods and serve as the focal point in a suburban town. They also have a mix of commercial uses that are at a size and density compatible with the surrounding residential neighborhoods. The lack of a Village is one reason why West Seneca developed in a pattern that does not have a prominent center or 'downtown' area.

West Seneca Land Use By Category, 2002

Category Acres
Residential 5,811
Commercial 665
Industrial/Manufacturing 523
Government /Public 1053
Agriculture 193
Parks/Recreation 235
Vacant 2035
Other 674
Total 11,189