Report a Problem

For more information on other Town services, visit the A-Z Service List.

In any emergency, dial 911 for assistance.

Problem Department Contact Info More Information
Cable Television Complaints Commission on CABLE TELEVISION Consumer Services 1-800-342-3330  
Report information about crimes Detective Bureau / Crimestoppers 716-674-3154 or 716-674-6874
Dangerous or Loose Animals Animal Control 716-823-2988  
Dead Animal Removal Highway Department (on Town-maintained streets) 716-674-4850 On roads outside Town limits, call NY Dept. of Transportation, Buffalo office at 716-847-3284.
High Weeds Code Enforcement 716-558-3242  
Report a fire hazard Fire Inspector 716-558-3238  
Flooding, erosion or drainage problems Engineering 716-558-3220  
Garage and Yard Sale Signs Code Enforcement 716-558-3242  
Graffiti Police 716-674-2280  
Hazardous spills or dumping into storm drains Fire 911  
Incorrect or out-of-date information on Town website Supervisor's Office 716-558-3202  
Junk Vehicles or trash on private property Code Enforcement 716-558-3242  
Landlord/Tenant Disputes Town Justice 716-558-3246  
Minimum Housing Standards Code Enforcement 716-558-3242  
Excessive Noise Police 716-674-2280  
Noise Permits Police 716-674-2280  
Obstructions in Public Right-of-Way Highway Department 716-674-4850  
Park conditions Buildings and Grounds 716-674-4850  
Parking violations on Residential Property Police 716-674-2280  
Missed Recycling Pickup Sanitation 716-674-4850  
Sanitary Sewer Problem Engineering 716-558-3220 After hours, call 674-2280 or 675-1333
Street Lights Electrical Department 716-558-3227 Street Light Outage Report Form, 
Streets/Sidewalks Highway Department 716-674-4850  
Traffic Signals and signs Highway Department 716-674-4850 Call 911 for major problems After hours, call
Traffic safety concerns Highway Department 716-674-4850  
Missed trash pickup Sanitation 716-674-4850  
Tree concerns Highway Department 716-558-3214  
Weeds and overgrown vegetation Code Enforcement 716-558-3242