Winter Policies

Winter Policies

As we deal with winter weather conditions, we would like to clarify the following Highway & Police Department policies:

Mailbox Replacement

When a mailbox or mailbox post is damaged by a Town of West Seneca Highway plow,  we will replace the mailbox with a standard mailbox and standard post when necessary.  We are not obligated to replace custom-built, ornamental or plastic mailboxes. 
When the weight of the snow damages your mailbox or post, it is the responsibility  of the property owner to relace their own mailbox and/or post.
Please call the highway garage at 716-674-4850 if a plow has damaged your mailbox and it will be replaced as soon as the highway crew can get to it.

Plowing onto the Highway

Under section 1219 subdivision A of the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law:  "No person shall throw or deposit upon any highway any snow or other substance likely to injure any person, animal or vehicle upon such highway".  Doing so is an extremely dangerous practice and we will prosecute violaters.  When plowing out your driveway, please use common sense and think of the hazard you are creating for drivers.

Parking Law

Our local parking ordinance prohibits parking on any roadway within the Town of West Seneca from November 15 through March 15 between the hours of 1am -7am.  Violaters are subject to a parking ticket with a fine of $15 or $30 if not paid within ten (10) days.  Repeat offenses and /or emergency situations may result in the vehicle being towed.  If any emergency exists where the vehicle is parked on the street and cannot be removed, call 716-674-2280 for more information.
The Town of West Seneca is not responsible for damage caused by town equipment to any vehicles parked within the road right-of-way.  This includes all driveways and parking areas.


If you have any questions pertaining to the above rules, please feel free to call the Highway Department at 716-674-4850.