Required Yard Information

"Where items are allowed to be stored"

The intent of this is to provide general information regarding your required yard. This will briefly outline areas, time frames and what is and not allowed. Every property in the town is unique and may have site specific circumstances. For further clarification, a Code Enforcement Officer can review your property survey with you.

- No parking, building, or storing materials in your required yard
- The driveway that serves a garage is the only exception
- Expanding your driveway in you permitted yard is not permitted
- Decks and patios are not allowed in your required yard
- Stand by generators and AC units are not allowed in required yards
- Accessory structures, sheds and pools are limited to your rear yard and are not regulated by this code section
- Fences are not regulated by this code section
- Boats, campers and trailers are not allowed to be stored in your required yard
- In addition, per section 120-13(B)-5 of the Town Code, boats, campers and trailers are limited to 1 (one) and specific dates of storage on your property
- You are allowed to have 1 (one) boat, camper, or trailer stored out in the open, any others must be stored in an enclosed building
- Any item listed above must be for owners personal use only

Building Permits are required for fences, decks, driveways, stand by generatos, sheds and pools.