Snow Ordinance

In an attempt to keep the streets of our town clear from snow in the event of a major snow storm, the West Seneca Town Board in 1970 establish the Snow Ordinance under the Town of West Seneca Zoning Laws Section 115-8. This ordinance bans the overnight parking of any vehicles on any town or county road within the geographical boundaries of West Seneca. The parking ban is in effect from 1am till 7am each day from November 15th to March 15th. The ban is regularly enforced by the midnight patrols and cars in violation are issued parking tickets. The tickets come with a fine of $15.00. If the fine is not paid within 10 days the fine doubles. Those violators that are persistent are also subject to having their cars towed.

Due to limited off street parking on some streets near our western boundary with the City of Buffalo certain streets are exempted by this law. The list is as follows:

  1. Burch Ave between Manhassett St and Seneca St
  2. Edson St between Manhassett St and Seneca St
  3. Wildwood Ave
  4. Winegar Place
  5. Duerstein St
  6. Stephenson St
  7. Grace St 
  8. Benson Ave
  9. Wichita St
  10. Ludwig Ave

Please note that in some cases only parts of some of these streets are exempted. Also the exemptions are for the snow ban only. All other parking restrictions are in place as posted.