Snow Plow Permits


The Town of West Seneca's Snow Plowing Ordinance requires snow removal contractors to obtain a license to conduct their business in our town. This license is renewed annually which allows you to plow snow commercially. This ordinance will assist in providing the safety of the residents and ensuring the individual hired is licensed and insured.

Rules and Regulations

  • This permit is non-transferable
  • Each vehicle requires a separate permit
  • Each vehicle must have the official Town of West Seneca sticker affixed to the vehicle window in an appropriate manner
  • No plow operator will plow snow across or into a roadway leaving snow piles or drifts that will create a hazard to traffic or pedestrians
  • Sidewalks must not be covered, blocked, or impeded in any way that affects access
  • Per Town of West Seneca zoning ordinance, it is the responsibility of the owner to keep sidewalks clear of snow
  • Homeowners plowing their own snow on their own property and for their use only are exempt from this permit, but are still bound by the applicable rules and regulations
  • Applications can be revoked or suspended at any time if provisions of this ordinance are not met
  • Contractor will keep mailboxes at street clear when removing snow
  • Any damage done in the right of way will be the snow removal contractor's responsibility

Printable Snow Plow Permit Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much is the fee per vehicle?
A. $25 each vehicle

Q. What do we need to apply for a license?
A. Driver's License, Vehicle Insurance & Liability Insurance

Q. How much insurance is required?
A. Minimum of $100,000 liability

Q. What if I have a front loader or bobcat?
A. A license is not required; requirements are for snow plowing vehicles - including dump trucks

Q. How long is the license good for?
A. It is good from October to April of each plow season

Q. Am I exempt from the license to plow family members and friends?
A. No, you are required to obtain a permit

Q. What if I violate the ordinance?
A. A fine may be issued for up to $250 per occuence

Q. Do I have to apply every year?
A. Yes, as the license is only valid for one season