Marriage Licenses

Marriage licenses are issued M - F between 9:00 am  - 4:30 pm.  To request an appointment please call 716-674-5600 ext 4 - you may also request an appointment online.  (MARRIAGE APPOINTMENT REQUEST)  

The fee for an original certified Marriage License is $40.00. You must obtain a license to be legally married in New York State. Applicants must appear in person together.


1. Certified Birth Certificate. Birth certificates that are in a foreign language must be  accompanied with a certified translation. (Required)

2. Driver's License, Passport, or Military Identification (1 of the 3)

3. If either party is divorced or if the marriage was annulled, certified final decrees MUST be presented as proof; if the marriage applicant is a widow/widower, a death certificate must be provided.

4. Completed Marriage License Application worksheet

Printable Marriage License Application Worksheet

Once a license is issued, there is a 24 hour period before the license become valid. A license is good for 60 days during the solemnization period.

Once the marriage has taken place and the license has been processed, additional certified copies are available by providing proper identification and a $10.00 fee.

One-Day Marriage Officiant

As per N.Y. Domestic Relations Law Section 11-D a one-day marriage officiant license may now be obtained in the Clerk's office. 

One-Day Marriage Officiant License Application