Code Enforcement

West Seneca Town Hall
1250 Union Road - Room 210
West Seneca, NY 14224
Phone: (716) 558-3242
Fax: (716) 677-4488

*Building, Plumbing & Electrical Permits must be issued by an Inspector*
Inspectors are available in office Monday - Friday between the hours of:

8:00 A.M. - 10:00 A.M.
Noon - 2:00 P.M.
Or by appointment

**Permit Fees Are Doubled If Work Is Started Prior To Obtaining One**

Department Staff
Jeffrey Schieber
Code Enforcement Officer
716-558-3237 Email:

Jeff Baksa
Assistant Code Enforcement Officer
716-558-3241 Email:

Doug Busse
Housing Inspector
716-558-3260 Email:

Suzette Luongo
Senior Clerk Typist
716-558-3242 Email:

Steve Lomison
Electrical Inspector
716-558-3221 Email:

Bob Jeziorowski
Fire Inspector
716-558-3238 Email:

Mission Statement
Code Enforcement is committed to enforcing the Town of West Seneca's ordinances to abate and prevent nuisances within the community, through the inspection of commercial and residential properties in order to uphold and enforce codes and community standards thereby maintaining the town's high standards of curb appeal.
Definition of a Building Code
On a practical level, a building code is the government's official statement on building safety. For technical purposes, it is a compendium of laws and ordinances setting minimum safety standards and arranged in a systematic manner (codified) for future reference.
The code takes into account plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems, along with essential fire and structural aspects.
How to Apply for a Permit
An application for a building permit is available through the Code Enforcement Office. In addition to the completed application, sketches, building drawings, plans and/or other documents must be submitted for review.
A fee or charge for services, including water connection, and a survey may be required of the applicant. In select cases, an architect or engineer will be needed to design the building and prepare necessary drawings and detailed plans.
Why Building Permits are Required
A building permit serves as formal and legal permission to start any construction project. The issuance of a building permit indicates that plans for a new structure, addition, renovation, foundation, plumbing, air conditioning or heating system, fireplace,prefabricated structure, temporary building or mobile home have been approved by local government officials and that the plans comply with mandated building codes and zoning laws.
Delays Due to Permits
Homeowners may be lead to believe that submitting an application for a building permit could cause unnecessary and costly alterations to their plans. They also might feel that going through bureaucratic channels will create undue delays in construction.
However, the majority of building permit applications are processed with little delay. If plan modifications are needed the deficiencies are based on a careful review of the proposed work to insure safe and sound construction.
A positive aspect of applying for the permit is that homeowners have access to the code official's knowledge and experience when and if they have any inquiries about their projects or the permit itself.
Inspections During Building Construction
Inspections required under the building code are listed on the building permit. Such inspections are performed by a Code Enforcement Officer who checks each major phase of constructions & makes certain that the work conforms to the building code, the building permit & approved building plans.
The Code Enforcement Officer must be able to see the part of construction required to be inspected & 24 hour advanced notice is required. Should an inspection find that some work does not conform to approved plans, the inspector will advise & possibly send a notice asking that the situation be remedied.
Another inspection may be necessary before work is resumed. If the work continues without resolving the problem, applicants can be subject to legal action.
Applicants are also required to post their building permit in a window or other prominent place on the site, keep a copy of the building plan on the site, & bring any proposed changes to the attention of the Code Enforcement officer as soon as possible. These changes will require review & approval in the same manner as the original building plans.
Inspection Information
Please note: No inspections will be performed without a house number and permit
The applicant for a building permit will be responsible for these items:

  • Any dirt, mud, stones, or rubbish left on the street or premises shall be cleaned at the end of each day
  • General contractor or utility companies will be responsible for any settling of sidewalks or manhole relocation's

The following inspections must be made and recorded by the Building Department before the next stage of construction is to begin. It is the responsibility of the contractor and owner to see that thee inspections are not overlooked. Failure to do so may result in a STOP WORK ORDER and the need to dismantle prior work to verify code compliance.

A) Trench footing before concrete and all water is eliminated from the trench
*Cellar foundation walls 1' - 0 of stone around outside wall and walls are tarred
*Post holes for depth
B) Rough framing inspection upon completion of the following:
* All structural framing is complete
* Rough plumbing completed by West Seneca Licensed Plumber and inspected by our office
* Heating, ventilation and flues are installed
* Rough electrical wiring completed & inspected by the West Seneca Electrical Inspector
* Foundation location survey is required prior to framing
* No drywall to be hung
C) Insulation inspection after A and B are completed (before drywall is brought into building)
D) Final Inspection
* All exterior and interior finishes are to be completed
* Final electrical inspection
* All utilities connected and usable
* All concrete work completed to plans
* Final grading completed
* Final plumbing inspection required by our office


Facts About Demolition
Before any building is demolished, either in part or whole, the applicant is required by the building code to apply for a demolition permit from the municipality's Code Enforcement Officer.
The process of obtaining one is similar to that of a building permit. Some cases may require the hiring of a professional Engineer to oversee the demolition.

Additional Information

Further information concerning building permits & the building code is available by contacting your Code Enforcement Office.
Zoning Approval
When property to be developed is regulated by a local site plan or zoning law, a building permit will not be issued until all site plan requirements issued by the municipality are met.
Appealing Refusal of a Building Permit
If an applicant is refused issuance of a building permit, the applicant can appeal that decision of the Code Enforcement Official to the Board of Appeals.
Rezoning/Special Permits/Siteplan Review Documents and Information:

Town Plumbing Exam:
DATE: Tuesday, March 5, 2024
TIME: 5:00pm
LOCATION: 1250 Union Rd, West Seneca NY  14224
Code Enforcement Office Room 210
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