Historical Cemeteries

Angle Road Community Church Cemetery

1640 East & West Road
(North side of East and West Road near Leydecker Road - next to Water Tower)
Dates: 1821 - 1951
Status: Inactive (maintenance performed by Town of West Seneca)
History: aka German Evangelical Cemetery 2 - Founded in 1821 by the German Evangelical Church, the cemetery was maintained until the church burned down in 1951. The congregation relocated to Main Street leaving the cemetery inactive - Further history unknown
Tombstones are illegible, fallen, or broken

Blossom Cemetery
7 Borden Road
(Seneca Creek Road - west of Transit Road)
Dates: 1874 -
Status: Active
History: aka Blossom Road Cemetery - This cemetery was established by the Evangelical Cemetery Society, members of the Blossom Evangelical Church. The cemetery sits on a tract of land that was once owned by the Ebenezer Society (Community of True Inspiration).

Fourteen Holy Helper Roman Catholic Cemetery
1345 Indian Church Road (located behind the school)
Dates: 1864 -
Status: Active

Lein Road Cemetery
Lein Road
(Between Center Road and the Aurora Expressway)
Dates: 1865 - 1916
Status: Inactive - Not maintained
History: aka German Evangelical Cemetery 1 - Further history unknown
Henry G. Lein (former postmaster at the Leydecker Rd. post office in the late 1800’s and father of former Supervisor Hencry C. Lein) lived on Lein Rd. across from Shultz Rd. is buried here.

Lower Ebenezer Cemetery

Main Street (Between Mill Road and Seneca Street)
Dates: 1845 - 1867
Status: Inactive
History: aka Main Street Cemetery
Established by the Community of True Inspirationists, the cemetery is the final resting place for 60 known members of the Ebenezer Society. Inspirationists of note that are buried in this cemetery are Peter Mook (senior elder over all Inspirationist congregations in Germany) Casper Murbach (Elder), Christmann Urban (Elder), Heinrich Kraemer (son-in-law of Christian Metz) and Johannes Schuener.

Middle Ebenezer Cemetery

Located on Charles E. Burchfield Nature & Art Center grounds
(Union Road and Clinton Street)
Dates: 1843-1863
Status: Inactive
History: aka Ebenezer Society - Gardenville Cemetery
Established by the Ebenezer Society

Mount Hope Cemetery
124 Graymont (West side of Union Road, south of Thruway)
Dates: 1888 -
Status: Active

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery
100 Seneca Creek Road
Dates: 1865 -
Status: Active
History: Henry C. Lein (former West Seneca Supervisor between 1904-1909 and 1922-1925) is buried in this cemetery which is almost directly across Seneca Creek Rd. from his former home.

St. Matthew's Cemetery
180 Old French Road (Entrance available on Clinton Street)
Dates: 1875 -
Status: Active
History: Originally established in 1875 to serve the congregation of St. Matthew's Church of Hamburg, New York. Today it is a Nondenominational cemetery serving the needs of all faiths in the Western New York area

On May 26, 1875, John Bugelman, a 21 day old infant, was the first burial in St. Matthew's Cemetery. "Old Shep", also known as the "Hermit of Leydecker Road" is also buried in this cemetery. Old Shep was originally from Missouri and lived along the banks of Cazenovia Creek in a small cave. Eventually he built a small shack on the Kloiber Farm and became well known for his fondness of people and animals. Old Shep was killed when his shack caught on fire, and having no next-of-kin, a pauper's grave awaited him. However, through the generosity of the Lang Family, Old Shep was given a deserving funeral and is buried in Section L of St. Matthew's Cemetery.
Web Site: http://www.stmatthewscemetery.com/

St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery
1500 Seneca Creek Road at Transit Road
Dates: 1849 -
Status: Active
History: Established by the Ebenezer Society
The Ebenezer Amana and the Upper Ebenezer Cemetery were incorporated into the St. Paul Cemetery.

St. Peter's Union Church of Christ Cemetery
1475 Orchard Park Road (near Berg Road behind church)
Dates: Unknown
Status: Active

Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery

146 Reserve Road
(716) 674-9188
Dates: 1879 -
Status: Active
History: The Trinity Lutheran Cemetery property was acquired in 1849 as part of a parcel of land on which Trinity Luteran Church was built followed two years later by Trinity Lutheran School. The Church has always maintained the cemetery.

Trinity's oldest member Conrad Diemer, born in 1791, was laid to rest in the cemetery in 1879 at the age of 87. Three members of the Langner family were among the earliest of burials - 1854, 1860, and 1868. Another family, the Bergs (late 1800s) has been memorialized in West Seneca history. two roads in the town bear their name.

The cemetery is the burial site of Christian Ulrich, a member of the posse that tracked down and captured President Abraham Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth in Bowling Green, Virginia on April 26, 1865.