Engineering Department

Town of West Seneca - Engineering Department

The Engineering Department is responsible for construction projects and environmental related activities.

Richard B. Henry, P.E. & Jason Foote, P.E. - Town Engineers
Ronald Pfeil - Principal Engineering Assistant
Mark Hummell - Senior Engineering Assistant
Eric Labrie - Senior Engineering Assistant
Jean Pantano - Clerk/Typist

Phone: 716-558-3220 Fax: 716-677-4488
Office Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 4:00pm

After Hours/Weekend Sewer Backup: Phone: 716-674-2280

Sewer Maintenance Crew:
Joe Waszkielewicz, Tim Healy, Matt Stacey

Lift Station Maintenance Crew:
James Stiglmeier, Mike Demma, Daniel "DJ" Dyson

New Construction
The Engineering Department reviews all new Town projects from the planning stages, through the design and construction phases. The site plans include all phases of the project, i.e.: sanitary sewer, storm sewer, waterline installation, as well as backyard drainage. The developer is responsible for obtaining the proper construction permits in order to assure proper installation and operation.

Sanitary Sewer Maintenance
The Engineering Department has the responsibility for the inspection and maintenance of the West Seneca sanitary sewer system. The Sanitary Sewer crew perform routine inspections, flushing, root cutting, televising, and have access to flow monitoring information, which aids in determining if unwanted ground or storm water is entering the sanitary sewer system.

Phase 8 Sanitary Sewer Improvement Project

Project Background

The Phase 8 Sanitary Sewer Improvements Project within Sewer Districts 5 and 13 will involve the cleaning, televising, and relining of existing sewer mains ranging from 8-inch to 36-inch diameter. The primary motivation behind this initiative stems from the Order of Consent issued by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, which was necessitated by sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) within Districts 5 and 13.


The relining process may require the use of temporary bypass pumps and above grade piping. The bypass pipe can be moved by hand and will not require the use of heavy equipment to install. Minimal disruption can be expected should this equipment be used on your lawn or property.  These measures are essential to maintain uninterrupted flow while the sewer mains undergo cleaning and relining.

The relining process primarily involves cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining, a trenchless method aimed at rehabilitating existing pipelines. During this process, a flexible liner is inflated and cured using stream or ultraviolet light, creating a seamless, jointless, and durable inner pipe surface. It’s important to note that the CIPP lining process may emit odors.  These odors are a byproduct of the curing process. They are non-toxic and will dissipate. To minimize the odor entering your home or building, please pour (1) gallon of water down all your floor and sink drains to fill any traps that may have dried up. For additional ventilation you can open a window to allow fresh air in.

It is our commitment to ensure the reliability and efficiency of our sewer systems while prioritizing environmental stewardship. We understand the inconvenience construction projects may cause, and we appreciate your patience and cooperation throughout this endeavor.

Current Schedule

We will be providing regular updates on the project’s progress and any potential disruptions to your daily routines.

From February 26, 2024 to March 31, 2024, construction activities including cleaning and relining procedures of can expected at:

  •   Seneca Street: Heading east from intersection of Union Road to intersection of          Main Street
  •   Potters Road: Heading east from intersection of N. Covington Dr to intersection of    Slade Ave
  •   Union Road: Heading north from intersection of Allendale Road to intersection of      Main Street

Also, please be advised that tree removal operations are scheduled to take place from approximately March 4th to March 31st. The affected property owners have been notified of any tree removals located on their property.


With any general sewer related questions or concerns, please reach out to:

             Town of West Seneca Engineering Department
              Phone: 716-558-3220

 With questions or concerns related to the Phase 8 Project, please reach out to:

              David Hardenbrook
              CPL - Architecture, Engineering, Planning  

Overall Phase 8 Project Location Map


Intersection Improvement Project NY 240 Orchard Park Road at Fisher Road
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