Senior Services Advisory Board

The purpose of the Senior Services Advisory Board is to promote healthy aging, independence, and the well-being of seniors through health, wellness, educational, cultural, and recreational programs and support services. The intent is to convene a voluntary group of citizens to act in an advisory capacity to the Town Board and serve as liaison between the Town Board, Department of Senior Services, and senior community related to assessing and addressing the evolving needs of seniors in the Town of West Seneca. The Town of West Seneca Director of Senior Services shall act as a technical advisor to the Advisory Board and work under the general direction of the Advisory Board.

Senior Services Advisory Board Members:

  • Jenifer Stanek – Director of Senior Services and Secretary
  • Amy Brotka - Chairperson - term 1/1/22 to 12/31/25 
  • Kristina Baron - term 1/1/24 to 12/31/27
  • Marilyn Stephens - term 1/1/24 to 12/31/27
  • Valerie Halady - term 1/1/24 to 12/31/27 
  • Georgi Busse - term 1/1/22 to 12/31/25
  • Jeff Piekarec - Councilman and Senior Services Liaison

2023 - 2024 Annual Report