The Highway Department is responsible for the maintenance of 220 miles of roadways in West Seneca.  The department employs 60 full time employees and 15 seasonal employees

The Sanitation Department has 16 full-time employees and 10 part-time employees who pick up garbage and yard waste on a weekly basis.

A modern, efficiently organized compost facility is managed by two highway employees, handling up to 40 tons of yard waste on a spring day, generating up to 9,000 yards of finished compost a year -- compost that is used by both the township and residents.

Town of West Seneca Paving Projects

5 Year Projection (2022-2026)

Tampa Drive                                        Garry Drive                                           Oakridge

Tudor Blvd                                           Roycroft                                                South Ave/West Ave.
Covington Drive                                  Naples                                                    Pinewood
Dwyer                                                   Cherokee                                               Greenhill
Bradford                                               Willowcrest                                           Ransier/ N. America
Arcade                                                   Shawnee                                                Empire Drive.
Gerymont                                              Chippewa                                              Carmelite
Bayberry                                               Northwood                                            Mill Rd. (Main-E&W)
Arrowhead                                            Maplewood                                           Ansley/ Centerview
Hilldale                                                  Lowell                                                  Oschawa /Manhasset
Hillcrest                                                 Meadow                                                Parkside/Southgate
Iris                                                          Bosse                                                    Lexington Green Section
Main Street (West End)                        St. Jude                                                  Brookedge
Evelyn, Rose, Florence                         Treehaven                                             Race St.
Hillview                                                Woodward Section                               Orchard Ave.
Ebenezer (section)                                Casimer                                                 North Ave./ Trier
Smallwood                                            Marann                                                 Wetherstone Section
Camwood                                              Crawford                                              Bernadette
Willow                                                   Nash                                                     Neubauer
Kelsey                                                    Electric                                                Marycrest
Lyndale                                                 Boyton                                                  Villa Maria/Colonial Manor
Meyer                                                    Fernwood                                              Northridge/Southridge                                       
Sunrise                                                   Idlewood                                               Carla
Valley                                                    Brantwood                                            Camelot/Ashley
**Please note that this only a projection in no set order, some streets may be added if they deteriorate. Factors such as budget, rising cost of fuel, asphalt, other miscellaneous material, and weather will determine how many roads can be completed each year**