Alternative Sump Pump Discharge

When there is either a thaw or heavy rain or a combination of both the storm sewers are at times surcharged, not allowing any more water into the lines. This is an option that may assist you.

When the storm sewers are surcharged, the sump pump lines that are connected to the sewers will not pump any water through them. This will eventually cause the sump pump to fail. The alternative we mention is that where the pipping comes up from the sump pump you place a "wye" in the line. Then off each leg of the wye you place a gate valve in the line. One leg of that line would be connected into the drain tile leading to the storm sewers. The other would exit the house and discharge on the ground.

In normal situations the gate valve to the discharge to the ground would be closed and the valve to discharge into the storm line would be open. In the event that the storm sewers are surcharged close the gate valve that discharges to the drain tile and storm sewer and open the one that discharges on to the ground outside. It is important to remember that the gate valves need to be in the proper positions to eliminate any problems. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 716-558-3242.