Engineering Department

Town of West Seneca - Engineering Department

The Engineering Department is responsible for construction projects and environmental related activities.

Richard B. Henry, P.E. & Steven R. Tanner, P.E. - Town Engineers
Ronald Pfeil - Principal Engineering Assistant
Mark Hummell -Senior Engineering Assistant
Eric Labrie - Senior Engineering Assistant
Carol Mager - Clerk/Typist

Phone: 558-3220 Fax: 677-4488
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

After Hours/Weekend Sewer Backup: Phone: 674-2280

Sewer Maintenance Crew:
Andrew Bork, Baird Hageman, Joe Waszkielewicz

Lift Station Maintenance Crew:
James Stiglmeier, Mike Demma, Daniel "DJ" Dyson

New Construction
The Engineering Department reviews all new Town projects from the planning stages, through the design and construction phases. The site plans include all phases of the project, i.e.: sanitary sewer, storm sewer, waterline installation, as well as backyard drainage. The developer is responsible for obtaining the proper construction permits in order to assure proper installation and operation.

Sanitary Sewer Maintenance
The Engineering Department has the responsibility for the inspection and maintenance of the West Seneca sanitary sewer system. The Sanitary Sewer crew perform routine inspections, flushing, root cutting, televising, and have access to flow monitoring information, which aids in determining if unwanted ground or storm water is entering the sanitary sewer system.

At the May 11, 2015 Town Board Meeting, Town Engineer Steve Tanner gave an updated presentation to the residents of West Seneca’s eight water districts who will be asked to consider consolidating into a single district to be taken over by the Erie County Water Authority. The powerpoint presentation can be found HERE: Water System from Lease Managed to Direct Service.

2017 Capital Improvements
CPL 12049.00 - Community Center and Library
S-1701 - 2017 Sanitary Sewer Repair Project
SW-1701 - Sidewalk Replacement Project
CPL 12049.00 - Switzer Park Improvements

2016 Capital Improvements
CPL 13492.00 - Theresa Court Reconstruction
R-1601 - Rosewood Section Reconstruction Project
East & West and Angle Rd. Water Improvements
Boncroft Drive Water Improvements
Buildings and Grounds New Roof

2015 Capital Improvements
CPL 12049.00 - Courtroom Accessibility Project
S1501-Sanitary Sewer Repair Contract
CPL 12049.00 - Kiwanis Youth Center - Asbestos Abatement
2015 - Phase 4 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project
CPL 12938.00 - Water System Improvements
CPL 13492.00 - Heather Hill/Pamela Court Road Reconstruction Project

2014 Capital Improvements
CPL-13174.00 Town Hall & Senior Center Restroom ADA Renovations
R-1401-1 Stepehnson St. Roadway Reconstruction Project
R-1401-2 Beechwood Drive & Hilltop Court Roadway Reconstruction Project
S-1401 2014 Sanitary Sewer Repair Contract
CPL-12040.01 East & West Rd. (Leydecker Phase)
CPL-12049.00 Burchfield Prefab Building
CPL-13111.00 North America Dr. (Commerce Pkwy.)
CPL-12049.1 36" Sewer Trunk & Siphon Inspection

2013 Capital Improvements
2013 Sanitary Sewer Repair Contract
East & West Rd. (Leydecker Phase)
Ice Rink - Flooring
Police Dept. Addition
Town Hall Renovations Project
Burchfield Storage & Restrool Building - Canceled
2013 Phase 2 & 3 Sewer Rehabilitation Project
2013 Senior Center Parking Lot Improvements
2012 Capital Improvements
S-2012 – 2012 Sanitary Sewer Repair Contract
2012 Veteran's Park Pool Rehabilitation Project
D-1201 Dover/Greenmeadow Road Reconstruction Project
2012 Ice Rink Flooring Improvements Project
Town Hall Renovation Project
2011 Capital Improvements
E-1101 - Elmsford Drive & Court Reconstruction Project
C-1102 – Columbia Pkwy./ Belgia Place Reconstruction Project