Search tips

The website search utilizes Google's "Custom Site Search". It is a powerful search that indexes both regular pages and pdf files that are linked on the website. Here are a few tips for using the search.

Make a search

To make a search, type your query into the search bar at the top right of the screen and either press return / enter or click the search button.

Search results

Search results will include page title (blue), page or file link (green), and a short excerpt from the page, about where the text was found. Click the title to open the page / file.

View by date or relevancy

You can change how the results order -- by date or relevancy. Date sets newer results higher in the list. Relevancy takes into consideration your search and shows the most meaningful results first.

Increasing result relevancy

You can improve the search results by using more, and more specific keywords.

If you do not get the results you are looking for, make your search more or less specific, or try other similar words.

See the examples below:
Too General
"meeting" "town board meeting Dec 28"
"brewery" "Rusty Nickel Brewing Company"
"taxes" "property tax information"

Search for pdf files only

To search for pdf files only, add filetype:pdf to the search query