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Resident Perceptions on Deer SURVEY - CLOSED

This survey was created by the West Seneca Deer Task Force and was made open to the public on November 4, 2021. 

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Please click the link above to access the online cannabis survey. Because there were fraudulent repeat submissions in past surveys, this survey requires a valid name and West Seneca mailing address.

If you would like to fill out a physical copy of the survey, you will still be required to submit a name and valid West Seneca mailing address. You can find the surveys at the: 
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This is not a scientific poll.



The West Seneca Deer Control Survey was opened to the public on March 2, 2021, and closed on March 9. In that time there were 1,466 respondents, 1,374 from self-identified residents of West Seneca. To put this in perspective, the prior survey on the West Seneca Police Department received 767 responses between February 4 and 28, 2021.

The deer survey was not a scientific poll. Although respondents were asked if they were residents of West Seneca, they did not have to tell the truth. In addition, it was possible for respondents to answer the survey more than once. Finally, the selection of respondents was only online and therefore not random, so the results cannot be said to indicate the opinions of all residents.

Despite the non-scientific nature of the survey, it did what it was supposed to. It showed clearly that the abundance of deer is a hot topic in West Seneca and there are passionate opinions on all sides.

Of the respondents who self-identified as residents of West Seneca, 642 responded that “Deer are a serious nuisance that require action to reduce the herds,” while 664 responded that “Deer are part of the natural world and should be left alone.” Overall, 543 West Seneca residents felt that there should be a deer control program in West Seneca, even if it involved culling 50-100 deer per year at taxpayer expense.

This survey will not be used to set policy. The Town Board will take the results into account when determine the next steps.

Below are all the suggestions written by respondents. Personal information and addresses were removed.

Deer Control Suggestions - Public Survey Results

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