"First Splash" at the Town of West Seneca's new Veterans' Park Splash Pad



Veterans’ Park Splash Pad replaces old wading pool, saves taxpayer dollars, and creates new opportunities for family and children.

West Seneca, NY – Kicking off the first of July, the Town of West Seneca unveiled the new Splash Pad located adjacent to the Town Pool in Veterans’ Park which replaced the old wading pool. The grand opening celebration was hosted by Supervisor Gary Dickson’s Office and the Recreation Department with town representatives and elected officials happy to see the timely completion of the project, and looking forward to seeing children playing again in the Town’s Community Center Complex.  The project was managed by Gardenville Landscaping & Nursery. At the cutting of the ribbon, children were excited and ready to run through the ribbon to make the “first splash” of the season!

The new safe and accessible pad features multiple colorful jets and plenty of area for kids and families to spread out and have fun.  It replaces the towns old wading pool that required lifeguard to be on duty for people to enjoy the facility and where water depth and grade made the facility not completely accessible to everyone.

Now more than ever, it is time for kids and families to come together and play.

Good, clean summer fun as the antidote to the covid lockdown.  The $298,000 cost of the new pad is being paid out of the Town’s existing recreation fund and save the town $50,000 a year in lifeguard costs.

“Today is an exciting day to see the fruits of everyone’s hard work come together to create a valuable community asset for families and children to utilize (that will save taxpayer dollars too)! This is a place where we hope happy memories will be made so that the children of West Seneca will have the best childhood possible. I am extremely grateful for the hard work of the Town Departments, the support of Town Board, the leadership of Councilman Bauer and his family and the timeliness and professionalism of Gardenville Landscape & Nursery which all came together to make this possible. This is a proud day as a West Seneca Supervisor and resident”, said Supervisor Gary Dickson.

The Splash Pad had unanimous Board support and was spearheaded by Councilman William Bauer and Supervisor Dickson.

“The Splash Pad project is a great way for our community to come together again and wash away our Covid worries”, said Councilman Bauer.

The Splash Pad now provides a more accessibly asset for children of all abilities. The Town will also soon be introducing some accessible seating surrounding the pool. It will constantly run fresh water, instead of recycled water which with help with the spread of germs so parents can feel safer about bringing their children to the Splash Pad.

“I cannot thank the West Seneca Town Board enough for enhancing this recreational facility and making it more accessible to our community. The Splash Pad will allow children of all abilities to have the opportunity to engage, play, be adventurous and will also encourage social and physical activity for our youth”, said Recreation Supervisor Lauren Masset.

The old Town Wadding Pool was a beloved asset of the town, but its time had come to an end. The Town of West Seneca had been facing a lifeguard shortage for several years which was only made worse by the Covid-19 Pandemic. It has been a goal of the Recreation Department to offer aquatic activities that do not require lifeguards and are not restricted by the shortage thereof. There had been several discussions with Town Board Members about installing small splash pads in West Seneca neighborhood parks and possibly converting the wading pool into a splash pad (when the time came for improvement to the facility).

After the Covid-19 shut down this idea grew in popularity. The area would no longer be limited to only opening when or if there was enough staffing. A splash pad could be opened easily, with little notice, anytime the weather was ideal.

Supervisor Gary Dickson and Councilman William Bauer approached Recreation Department Supervisor Lauren Masset about the idea of covering the Wading Pool in the late summer/early fall of 2020 and using the Recreation Fund to move the project forward. After some Town Board discussion, support and approval for the project, an RFP went out. The Highway Department was also extremely helpful in keeping costs down with all their work on the project.

“I was proud to support this New Splash Pad, as it will lower our yearly operational expenses and serve as a recreational destination that is enjoyed by town residents for decades to come”, said Councilman Jeffrey Piekarec.

The facility also features a new garden.  During the Splash Pad construction, a row of overgrown arborvitae bushes were removed. In its place is a new plant garden that was installed and donated by Councilman William Bauer and his wife, Sherry. Supervisor Dickson gave special thanks and gratitude to Sherry for her donation of the plants, mulch, and installation of the plant garden.

Gardenville Landscape & Nursery was a local West Seneca business awarded the bid and the Town was extremely grateful for their timeliness and professionalism. The job was completed right on time for the residents to enjoy.

“I would like to start by saying, “thank you” to the Town of West Seneca for allowing Gardenville Landscape & Nursery to be part of this project. Being a lifelong resident of the Town and of West Seneca, this project was rather personal for me to take on and complete. It is great to know that Gardenville was part of something special for this community. We hope that kids will enjoy this park for many years to come”, said Dave Schwalenberg, Owner of Gardenville Landscape & Nursery.

The Splash Pad will be open 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily for residents to enjoy.