Zoning Board Meeting February 25, 2015

West Seneca Zoning Board of Appeals


Meeting #2015-02                                                                                     February 25, 2015

I.                   CALL TO ORDER



IV.              APPROVAL OF MINUTES #2015-01

V.                 OLD BUSINESS


2014-048     Request of William Hartnett Sr. for a variance for property located at 484 Harlem Road to allow music outside and outdoor seating. Requesting enlargement of business, 300 sq ft allowed, 720 sq ft requested (Zoning Ordinance 120-20(7J), 120-20(8D); outdoor live music not permitted)

2015-001     Request of David Schwalenberg for a variance for property located at 3069 Clinton Street to erect a taller garage than permitted (12’ to middle of roof for accessory structures allowed, 16’-8” requested)

2015-002     Request of Jill Kowalczewski for an interpretation of whether or not  there is a business in operation at the property located at 10 Robin Court (120-13 Permitted uses in R-65 Single family home)


2015-005     Request of Gene Staychock for a variance for property located at 789 Center Road (Schwabl’s) to use electric specialty sign (temporary). (closer than 1,000’ to residential zoning and 500’ from residential property.)

VI.              NEW BUSINESS

2015-006     Request of Jason Schneckenberger for a variance for property located at 444 Indian Church Road to decrease parking from44 spaces to 24 spaces, decrease side and rear yards for building and parking.

2015-007     Request of Karl Kellner of 222 Chicago Street to erect a fence higher than permitted at the property located at 721 Mineral Springs Road. (4’ high max permitted, 6’ requested and extending out 10’)               


REVISED 2/17/15