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Mary's Minute:

Hello , I hope all is well with you! Like the thought of the month says," SMELL THE FLOWERS , BLOW OUT THE CANDLES " This thought is perfect for the month of July because the flowers are growing and the 4th of July, American Birthday, is in this month. This thought of the month is not only good for that reason alone it is also good to just take a moment . Let me explain, I first heard this saying from one of my sisters and she was using it as a calming technique. You know, breath in and smell the flowers and exhale out through your mouth and blow out the candles. This helps when your upset or just need to relax and believe me .... it works! I have used it often. But when she was telling me about this saying the thought popped in my head and I said to myself " Mary , how perfect for July for the newsletter thought of the month, with the flowers all around and with it being 4th of July"... So there it is and now use this thought any time, not only this month , so please take the time to relax, take it easy and " Smell the Flowers , and blow out the Candles" . Happy Birthday American ! Thank you so much for being a part of this Center and enjoy the month ! Love and Laughter, Mary

 Western New York Official Prescription Discount Card - WNY Rx available at the West Seneca Senior Center! 


~Below is  link to a 3 minute presentation from the Health Fair that was held at the Senior Center, so check it out and enjoy!

Health Fair 2011


SENIOR CENTER COOKBOOK!  The Senior Center is going to publish a cookbook.  Anyone can submit their one favorite recipe for the book.  Drop it off in the office today!     

~The Stay Fit Nutrition Program, Lunch served daily (Monday - Friday) at 12:30 PM, please be at the Center by 11:45; As of 1/2/14 the suggested cost of the lunch is $3.00. Stop in any time and get a menu>Cancellations please; call 675-9288 before noon any day when you can't make it for lunch, thank you!

TAI CHI IS BACK !!!!! Monday and Friday @ 10;15

Annoying Calls "DO NOT CALL LIST " NUMBER 1-800-382-1222


~ -, 7/1 Roasted Pork Loin w/ gravy , Bread Stuffing, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, warm Apples and Cranberries, Frosted Marble Cake, 7/2 4th of JULY PICNIC, Hamburger w Gravy , Macaroni Salad , Carrot Coins , Cantaloupe 7/3 HAPPY 4th OF JULY !!!!!!!! No Meals Served , Center Closed . 7/6 Chicken & Vegetable Stew, Broccoli, Biscuit, Pound Cake 7/7 Meatballs w/ penne Pasta & sauce, Beans, Carrots, fruit cup 7/8 COLD PLATE, Tuna /w bun , Potato Salad , Tomato , Gelatin, 7/9 Stuffed Cabbage Roll Casserole , Mashed Potatoes , Wheat Roll, Ambrosia Fluff 7/10 LS Ham Steak w/ Waikki Sauce, Sweet Potatoes, Sweet Peas, Sugar Cookie 7/13 Hamburger w/Gravy & Ketchup, Wheat Bun, Oven Roasted Potatoes , Seasoned Spinach , Pineapple Tidbits, 7/14 Breaded Chicken Cutlet w/ gravy , Sweet Corn, Broccoli, Fruit Delight Cookie, 7/15 Diced BBQ Pork, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Tender Peas, Cornbread, fresh watermelon 7/15 Turkey Medallions in Gravy, Buttermilk Biscuit, Mashed Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables, Angle Food Cake 7/17 Lasagna Roll w/ meat sauce , Italian beans, Chef Salad, Fruited Gelatin 7/20 Hot Dog w/ sauerkraut & Bun, Roasted Red Potatoes, fiesta Corn, Fruit Delight Cookie,7/21 Cheese Omelet w/ creole Sauce, Home Fries, Au Gratin Spinach , Mandarin Oranges, 7/22 Roasted Chicken Thigh, Carrot Coins , Creamed Dill Cabbage , Oat Bran Square, Chocolate Pudding 7/23 breaded Pork Loin w/ gravy, Lyonnaise Mashed Potatoes, Peas & Carrots, Wheat Roll, banana Cream Pie 7/24 Goulash Casserole , Zucchini & Summer Squash , grape Juice, Dinner Roll, Chocolate Chip Bar 7/27 Ham Steak w/ Pineapple Sauce, Mashed Potatoes, Orange Glazed Carrots, Lemon- vanilla Pudding 7/28 Turkey Medallions in Gravy , Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, Multigrain Bread, fresh Cantaloupe, 7/29 Stuffed Shells w/ meat sauce, Cauliflower, sweet peas, Italian Bread , fresh Fruit 7/30 Meatloaf w/ gravy, Roasted Red Potatoes, Seasoned Spinach, White Bread, Fruited Gelatin 7/31 Baked Fish w/ lemon dill Sauce , Stewed Tomatoes , Broccoli , rye bread , Oatmeal Raisin Cookies


Years ago to help maintain the memory and sacrifices of so many West Seneca Veterans the town historian at that time, Frank J. Lankes created a WAR SERVICE RECORD containing the name, address and branch of service of each individual entering military service.  An effort was made to track the bases of operations, training and citations for each of our service personnel.  These records were maintained, but over a period of time, these WAR SERVICE RESORDS were placed in storage and for the most part, largely forgotten.  UNTIL NOW!  To help maintain the memory and sacrifices of so many West Seneca residents, the information has been recreated from the original WAR SERVICE RECORD.  In addition to the notes compiled by the Town Historian, residents are urged to contribute and additional information on any World War II veteran they may know or have known.  The goal is to have a complete military record for each World War II veteran whose unique and crucial contribution helped end the worst conflict the world has ever experienced.


If you have additional military service information that you would like to share on a veteran, please send an email or call Jim Manley so these service records can be updated.  With your help, our World War II veterans will never be forgotten.


email:                    Phone:  Jim Manley @ 716-674-4224


CERT Special Needs Registry Program:   Information at the Senior Center. The registry will enable Erie County to identify residents in need of special assistance, plan for resources and equipment to meet the identified needs and respond in an appropriate manner.  Towns will have knowledge of special needs residents and be able to repond more effectively to disasters or major incidents.


~~ Great things to do at the Senior Center !!!! We have ceramics, Euchre, pinochle, shoot the Moon , hand & foot card games, line Dancing, Bingo , Dancercise , Stop in and see us !!!! Thursday and Sunday Dances !!!
7/1 Union Medical Meet & Greet
7/10 Blue Cross/Blue shield info Session 10-12
7/13 Eucher Tournament Sign up 12/ Play @1
7/14 Fedalis Care Info Session 10
7/14 Walgreens info Session- 11-12
7/16 Thursday Dance 6:30-9:30 Music by Bobby Sugg
7/21 National Hearing Aid Service


MONDAYS...... RSVP @ 9;30 ~ CHESS @ 9:30 ~ TAI CHI @ 10:15 ~ BRIDGE / or DOMINOES @1:00 ~ CERAMICS @10 & 1:15
TUESDAY........PINOCHLE @ 1:00 play sign up by 12 ~ CERAMICS @ 10 & 1:15
THURSDAY .....POKER @ 9 ~ CERAMICS @ 10 & 1:15 ~ HAND & FOOT CARDS @ 1 ~ EUCHRE @ 1:00 ~ LINE DANCING @ 1:00
FRIDAY ..........TAI CHI @ 10:15 ~ BINGO @ 1:00



  Memories made here!  So here's to Good Health, Good Friends and Good Times at the West Seneca Senior Center!