Special Meeting

WEST SENECA TOWN OFFICES                                     TOWN BOARD PROCEEDINGS
1250 Union Road                                                           Special Meeting
West Seneca, NY 14224                                                          September 28, 2012
Councilman Hart called the meeting to order at 2:00 P.M. with 30 seconds of silent prayer.
ROLL CALL:          Present    -    Eugene P. Hart        Councilman
                                                John M. Rusinski     Councilman
Absent    -    Sheila M. Meegan    Supervisor (ill)
Councilman Hart read the Fire Prevention Code instructing the public where to exit in case of a fire or an emergency.
Motion by Councilman Rusinski, seconded by Councilman Hart, to place on the November 2012 ballot the attached proposition increasing the West Seneca Town Board from two (2) councilpersons to four (4) councilpersons.
On the question, Councilman Hart questioned if the special meeting was advertised properly with adequate notice to the public and media.
Town Attorney Shawn Martin cited opinions of the Attorney General and NYS Comptroller concerning business conducted at a special meeting and notification requirements. Notice of this special meeting was posted on the Town Clerk’s bulletin board, the town’s website, and the Buffalo News and West Seneca Bee were advised of the special meeting and its purpose.
Councilman Rusinski commented that petitions are being circulated to increase the Town Board from two council persons to four council persons and if they are filed after the deadline for placement on the November ballot, a special election will have to be called. The sole purpose of this special meeting and the motion presented was to save taxpayers the cost of a special election.
Councilman Hart commented that placing the referendum on the November ballot will be more representative of how the voters feel about this issue because it will be a large turnout for the Presidential election.
Ayes: (2) Councilman Rusinski, Councilman Hart                           Noes: None  
Absent: (1) Supervisor Meegan                                                    Motion Carried
          Motion by Councilman Rusinski, seconded by Councilman Hart, to adjourn the meeting at 2:10 P.M.
          Ayes: All                                  Noes: None                               Motion Carried

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